‘AN INSPIRATION’: Gary Sinise shares story of friendship with Army vet, life-changing foundation

On Saturday’s episode of “One Nation,” actor Gary Sinise discussed his bond with Army veteran and Gary Sinise Foundation ambassador Bryan Anderson.

Gary Sinise stated that  Bryan is someone he met more than 15 years ago. He was hurt in 2005. He is a triple amputee, having lost two legs and an arm. They are both from Illinois, so they met at Walter Reed when he first met Bryan. They became friends after he created his foundation, and he became an advocate for it.

He continued, they just held a service known as the Walls of Honor. It’s about halfway through their home-building process, and that’s what he/she is seeing on the screen right now.

Bryan will be moving to Tennessee maybe around Veterans Day. They are constructing his home in Tennessee. So he’s one among the many people that will benefit from the houses that they are constructing. And he is simply thankful to have had him as a friend and to have known him. He’s been an influence for him. He wrote about him in his book, and he had the honor of writing the introduction to a book he published called “No Turning Back.” He’s a fantastic person.

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Gary Sinise on founding his nonprofit to help our nation's veterans

Gary Sinise on founding his nonprofit to help our nation's veterans

Posted by Sandhora TOUR GUIDE on Saturday, 28 May 2022

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