Angry Father Confronts His Daughter After She Blocked Him When He Asked To Care For Step-Siblings.

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I cut my father off after I turned 18 because he had an affair with another woman, broke mine and my mom’s hearts, and then insisted on taking parenting time with me after the divorce and tried to shove his wife and her kids down my throat. I wanted nothing to do with any of that after I found out. But he insisted we were family. His wife’s kids were very young so they saw me as their big sister and I know from other people that they ask about me a lot and have missed me, though I can’t say the same.

My father’s wife is pregnant and recently she lost both of her parents (again I only know about this through other people). My father reached out and asked for me to come help the family. That his wife’s pregnancy is dangerous and the kids are scared of losing their mom and miss me badly, and their grandparents just died as well. He wanted me to go to the house, make sure his wife was okay and spend some time with her kids. I blocked his number when he called to ask me that. I didn’t even say anything. I just ended the call and blocked the number.

Apparently she got worse because my father showed up at my mom’s and confronted me about abandoning *my family* and not caring at all about innocent kids who have been through a lot and who loved me because they were so little and saw me as their sister. He told me hating him isn’t going to change anything and I am throwing away the chance at an amazing family because I’m bitter and selfish. He said he would do anything to help me and I won’t do the same for him/them.

One of his family members who I was still in touch with also said they thought I was wrong. They said they get being angry about the affair but said it shouldn’t end my relationship with my father and it shouldn’t mean I miss out on having siblings. That at the very least I could be a comfort to the kids right now if I go over to “help”. I think the fact they never said that before got it stuck in my head. Did I go too far here? Should i just go and help.

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