Angry man watches passenger turn seat into a bed during flight

A guy was startled by a fellow passenger’s extremely nasty behaviour during a trip, and others on social media concur.

When Paul noticed the impolite woman, he was travelling with Emirates.

He captioned the photo, “The person next to me on my flight.”

The image reveals a lady wearing boots and putting her feet on the seat in front of her.

Not only was she being impolite and disgusting, but she was also caressing the headrest of the man in front of her.

Netizens criticised her behaviour regardless of the fact that her face was obscured.

“How come air crew are letting them do that?” someone wondered.

“I, too, would not have given her anonymity,” one lady added. She is deserving of the respect she has accorded others.”

“If I were in front, I would have aggressively reclined my seat by now!” said a third.

Many people were surprised that the man in front of them didn’t complain, which Paul said was because he slept the entire journey.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has occurred on a flight.

A traveller was shocked last month when another traveller placed their bare feet onto their seat during a trip.

When the event happened, the tourist was travelling from Melbourne to Adelaide.

In 2019, a traveller was photographed sleeping with her bare feet on the headrest of another passenger.

In 2020, a passenger provoked uproar by using another passenger’s armrest to prop up their bare feet.

However, a traveller was commended last year for his action to the individual behind him placing their feet on his armrest.

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