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Arizona man arrested after dogs, cats and snakes found in home freezer

According to the Mohave County Sheriff’s office, Michael Patrick Turland, 43, of Arizona, acknowledged freezing several of the animals while they were still alive. He has been accused with 94 charges of cruelty to animals.

Anita Mortensen, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office, described the scene as “very nasty and heartbreaking.” She stated that as an animal lover, she was in tears just looking at them. And further said that the photographs were too gruesome to publish.

The guy was apprehended after police got a tip from a member of the public, who informed officers she had left snakes with Mr Turland to breed, however he had gone after a few months and she had been unable to retrieve them. The lady informed police she was approached by the landowner after Mr Turland and his wife left their Golden Valley house.

She claimed that when the owner arrived to clean the flat, a freezer full of dead creatures, including several of her snakes, was discovered in the carport. Among the frozen creatures were dogs, turtles, lizards, birds, snakes, mice, rats, and rabbits, according to officers. Ten days later, police got the news that Mr Turland had returned to the residence and detained him. It’s unknown why he decided to freeze the creatures.

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