Arkansas Truck Driver Gets Five Life Sentences for Raping Boy Multiple Times, Threatening to ‘Kill Him’ If He Told Anyone

Shanny L. Grady, a truck driver, 46, from Arkansas will spend the remaining part of his life in prison after judges found him guilty of sexually assaulting a teen-age lad several times. Circuit Court Justice Pamela Honeycutt followed the judge’s reference on Wednesday and penalized Shanny L. Grady to five life sentences deprived of any likelihood of bail in.

Judge Honeycutt gave the verdict succeeding a two-day trial and judges sentenced Grady on five counts of sexual assault.

As per the court archives, Carleena Hawkins pleaded guilty in December to one count of sexually assaulting a minor kid and was penalized to 35 years in jail.

As per the medical reports obtained on June 10, 2020, the victim, a young boy, told an elder relative of his that he was sexually ill-treated over a two-year period by Grady and Hawkins. The report said that the victim had apparently been to the emergency chamber two weeks prior due to bleeding from his anus as a consequence of the exploitation.

The cops said that the minor victim sits down for talk with investigators and gave very realistic particulars of continuing sexual exploitation.

The victim stated to the investigators that the exploitation started when he was visiting Grady and Hawkins at their house in Missouri when he was 15.

The reports said that Grady got on the bed with him and went down on him. The teen said no at several occasions but the offender continued sexually exploiting the boy.

The victim said that Hawkins was also part of the abuse in the first occurrence but the boy said he thought that she didn’t want to do it but Grady forced her to do so. The boy said that such abuse would happen each time he visited Grady and Hawkins and six weeks throughout the summer.

As per the reports, Grady was constantly drunk during the occasions of sexual misuse and continuously directed the teen boy and Hawkins about what to do. As a consequence of the sexual attacks, the boy was left with the sense of embarrassed, used and dishonoured.  

Moreover, the boy said that he was afraid to open up about the exploitation since Grady told him that he would kill him if he said this to someone.

Prosecuting Lawyer Keith L. Chrestman attributed the Paragould Police Department and the deputy prosecuting lawyers who worked on the event for the persuasion.

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