Arkansas’s ‘Beautiful Soul’ dies just after his 13th birthday, near his family’s home.

Jacob Wallace, a young man from Cedarville, Arkansas, was a bright and lively young man. He was a member of his high school’s football and basketball teams, and he was always a source of good energy and delight for all around him.

Dr. Sarah McPhate, principal of Cedarville Middle School, praised Wallace, calling him a well-liked boy whose grin was contagious. The child’s parents were probably proud of him and never expected to get a terrifying, life-changing phone call.

Everybody who knew Wallace agreed that he was a “beautiful soul” who enjoyed cracking jokes and having a good time.

On September 29, 2022, he became 13 years old, and just three weeks later, the unimaginable occurred to the adorable youngster.

The Cedarville Middle School kid was constantly looking for new experiences and enjoyed being outside. He traveled to his uncle’s place on an average Sunday. It was just a quarter mile from his house, and he was familiar with the road.

The kid had just returned from a school holiday and was probably ready to start another term, yet it was not to be. Something unexpected occurred on his way to his relative’s house. On October 16, Wallace was engaged in a mishap.

None understood what caused the event, but Wallace’s family suspected some animal got in his way. The teen was riding his all-terrain vehicle (ATV) when he veered into a tree, with disastrous results.

Wallace’s pals were preparing for the rest of the school year, while his parents were preparing for something very unexpected. Their darling son had died, and it was time to bid farewell to him.

He was on the edge of the rest of his life when his dreams were abruptly dashed. McPhate, the principal, stated, it’s a terrible loss for the community, and it’s a phone call one never want to get.

The principal promptly organised for counselling at the school, and they offered assistance to both kids and faculty. It’s never difficult to lose someone you care about, and Wallace’s larger-than-life presence will be missed.

Max Washausen, the teenager’s football coach, was keen to recognise him. He always looked for a way to honor students who died, and he urged the football team to wear helmet decals with the number 55—Wallace’s number.

The kid will also be put to rest in his football shirt, number 55. His funeral will take place on October 20 at the Bethlehem Free Will Baptist Church in Van Buren. Wallace’s uncle, Robert McDonnor, addressed the family’s anguish that he would give anything to alter it, yet one can’t. One simply have to figure out how to go on. He wish he could have shielded him from harm.

It would be difficult to adjust to life without the sound of Wallace’s laughter or the sight of his brilliant grin. After the horrific incident and loss, the teen’s uncle begged that people pray for recovery. A family member added, Jacob deserved to live much longer, but God brought him home tonight. He was a nice young man with a big heart and a grin that could light up the entire world.

Fortunately, the family received a lot of support and affection from their neighborhood. McDonnor was overwhelmed by the generosity exhibited to them and stated that words could not explain how grateful they were.

In addition, the bereaved family received assistance through their GoFundMe website. By October 19, about $12,000 had been raised. Tributes came in online, and the teen’s family lamented the loss of a piece of their heart.

The report of the youngster’s death shook the internet community. Many sent their deepest sympathies and prayers to the family.

No parent should be required to bury their kid. Wallace’s family faces a long road to recovery, and we express our heartfelt sympathies and prayers. May their beloved kid rest in peace and watch over them from on high.

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