Armed Intruder Breaks Into Woman’s Home, Doesn’t Realize She Was Armed As Well – With Blistering Hot Grease

Larondrick Macklin, 31, probably believed he had the upper hand when he broke into a southwest Decatur, Alabama house on a Thursday. Macklin entered the home on the 2800 block of Wimberly Drive armed with a weapon. According to reports, the house belonged to his ex-girlfriend.

When Macklin invaded the flat and displayed the gun, the anonymous lady was unable to obtain her own firearm, but she was able to use a weapon that sufficed in repelling the invader. Macklin allegedly broke into the woman’s house, causing a domestic disturbance, so she tried to repel him with hot frying oil. At self-defense, the nameless lady tossed a saucepan of red-hot oil in the man’s face.

The oil burned the man’s face severely and kept him at bay long enough for police to arrive after being called about a domestic disturbance. When officers from the Decatur Police Department came, Macklin, who was still at the scene, was arrested. A detective concluded Larondrick Macklin was the “main attacker in the brawl.”

Macklin “entered the victim’s residence with a pistol, and the victim protected herself with a saucepan containing hot grease,” according to police. Before being held in custody to jail without incident, he was taken to the hospital for medical treatment for the severe burns on his face caused by the hot grease. No complaints will be made against the lady, but the same can’t be said for Macklin.

Despite reports that the lady was Macklin’s ex-girlfriend, a cops representative informed that authorities could not corroborate Macklin’s relationship with the woman. They merely confessed it was of a domestic nature. Because this was a domestic scenario, they are not at liberty to detail the victim’s connection with the defendant at this time, the spokesperson added.

Larondrick Macklin was charged with first-degree domestic abuse and theft, both of which carry a maximum sentence of life in prison if guilty. Darley Law LLC, a criminal justice business, said on its website that first-degree domestic abuse is a Class A felony that warrants a life term in prison. First-degree domestic violence happens when either severe stalking or first-degree assault is committed by the defendant.

According to Bradford Ladner, LLP, a criminal justice lawyer in Birmingham, Macklin’s burglary allegation is regarded as “the most severe Alabama burglary offence.” Larondrick Macklin was jailed at the Morgan County jail with a bond set at $300,000 due to the severe nature of his conduct, according to court documents.

Fortunately, Larondrick Macklin’s potential target is still alive. This is due to her quick thinking and a touch of luck. This story could have ended very differently if she hadn’t had a boiling pot of grease nearby — a warning to us all that we must always be ready to safeguard ourselves if an uninvited guest with bad intent comes knocking. While an accused is usually presumed innocent unless proven guilty, I doubt Macklin went there to make a pleasant visit with a weapon in his hand. Fortunately, the woman did not have to discover out.

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