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Armed Robber Gets Shot By Victim. Now His Family Is Outraged

Adric White brandished his revolver and asked that the cashier hand over all of the cash when he broke into and entered a Family Dollar. When White, 18, took the staff hostage at gunpoint, he felt he understood what he was doing. He directed them about, acting like a big shot, making demands and feeling strong when they were met; but, things changed when a Good Samaritan with a legitimate concealed-carry license pulled out their pistol and turned the tables on the young armed robber.

When the Good Samaritan arrived, he aimed his firearm at White and warned him not to move. But White was not going to have his grandeur taken away that simply. Rather than listening, he turned to face the Good Samaritan. Since the gunman had cautioned the robber not to move, White was shot five times, knocking him down and allowing others to detain him and take his pistol away from him.

Adric White survived the shooting with five bullet wounds, but his ego suffered the most. He was taken to the hospital for treatment and then arrested with armed robbery. When his family found out what was going on, they erupted because they couldn’t imagine that an individual with a concealed carry license could shoot White. They were curious as to why he had not been apprehended by the police.

The individual should not have shot White, according to the family. He should have just turned back and avoided the problem. While it was undoubtedly dangerous for the Good Samaritan to draw his revolver and participate in the heist in order to halt it, he did so and then fired five times when he felt intimidated by White.

The Good Samaritan fired the bullets since he felt intimidated by White and his firearm. And since White was waving his pistol around, aiming it at the employees, and threatening their lives if he didn’t obtain what he wanted from the business, it was seen fair that a spectator would speak up and try to save the individuals who were in danger. White and his family had no legitimate cause to back up their claim. They just didn’t like the fact that White’s intentions were foiled and he didn’t walk away unscathed.

It is unknown where the five shots struck White. He is, nevertheless, in steady state and is predicted to recover completely. He should be thankful that he escaped with his life. Bringing a pistol into a business for an attempted burglary is always a risky move. He didn’t get out of there without a few bruises, but he did get out alive. That is reason to be grateful.

The Good Samaritan has requested anonymity. We have honored his request by not publishing his name. But he made it plain that this was the first time he had to utilize his concealed carry in this manner, and he regrets that it had to come down to gunshots.

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