As a mother of five dies on her daughter’s birthday, the family is unable to “afford Christmas.”

The celebratory month of Christmas Eve is on the verge, but for the children of Ellen Louise Francis, who died just six days after being diagnosed with brain cancer, the festivities are soggy and uniquely sad.

The “rock” strong 35-year-old mom has left her children with a profound vacuum that nothing can fill as the most awaited Christmas month approaches. The news devastated the family, as she died on her mother’s wedding anniversary and her daughter Donna-12th Marie’s birthday. The tragedy of her death has numerous aftershocks, as the family of five children is surviving on decreasing resources and savings.

Ellen’s therapy and burial processions devoured the majority of the savings. To inform a small kid the day before her birthday that her mama is coming home, Ellen’s mom Lou stated of the emotional breakdown. Yes, mother is coming home for her birthday! she said. But she had to tell Donna, her mother was going to die.

The bereaved family is filled with worry since the burial costs have depleted the family’s resources. Ellen had already battled illness and emerged victorious from breast cancer. Ellen’s mom said that Ellen detected the first lump on her breast in March 2022, which was quickly identified as breast cancer and resulted in the start of her treatment. She was believed to be well and on her way out of chemotherapy after receiving it for roughly six months.

Ellen’s problems arose when she started having terrible headaches out of nowhere and was forced to return to the physicians who diagnosed her with brain cancer. The physicians first assured her that it was manageable but that it would take a few months to get to the bottom of it.

To Ellen and her family’s dismay, she was diagnosed with fatal brain cancer the very following day, with a prognosis of three to six months. In a terrible sequence of events, Ellen died in her sleep at her mother’s house barely six days after her diagnosis.

The 59-year-old maternal grandmother is currently in charge of her late daughter’s 5 kids, with assistance from their dad and other family members. Ellie, 17, Donna-Marie, 12, Aaron, 11, Romeo, 7, and Delilah, 4, are among Ellen’s kids. Lou tries to maintain the truth about Santa secret from the young children in order to keep the holiday joy alive, as their mom would have wished.

That little girl’s birthday cards were coming through the door, yet she didn’t open them for two weeks as she wished to spend all of her time with mum, Lou continues, referring to her granddaughter Donna.

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