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At a Celtics game, Prince William and Kate Middleton were greeted with boos and ‘USA’ chants.

The Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Kate Middleton, had an embarrassing situation when touring the United States. The royal couple attended a basketball game before the Earthshot Prize Award, sitting courtside at a Boston Celtics game where the crowd was not overjoyed to see them.

According to ITV News royal correspondent Chris Ship, the pair was sat courtside, and the audience erupted as they were shown on the big screen.

So there were shouts but also some booing each time William and Kate emerged on the @tdgarden big screen, Ship tweeted.

When Kate and William were visible on the arena screens, the fans chanted ‘USA! USA!’

With such strong Irish origins, some believe it was anticipated at the Boston team @celtics, the journalist continued.

However, it’s not something the Royals receive very frequently.

Given how well-liked Will and Kate are in the UK, this may have come as a surprise to them both.

Several social media users recorded videos of the booing and chanting.

The royal couple appeared unfazed by the boos and chanting.

The Prince and Princess of Wales are visiting the United States for the first time since 2014, and a lot has changed since then.

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