At The Gas Station A Homeless Man Approached This Young Girl The Wrong Way.

Source: Reddit

I was pumping gas into my car alone at around 10 pm tonight, when suddenly a raggedy-looking homeless man popped up behind me, asking for money. He was harmless, but got up pretty close in my face and it scared me. The encounter only lasted a few seconds. But I noticed out of the corner of my eye that as the homeless man walked up to me, another gas station patron and his friend had noticed the situation and paused as they were walking past, taking a step or two closer to us. This other man was intently watching the homeless man to make sure I was ok. He and his friend continued on their way as soon as the homeless man walked away.

It was such a simple thing. But as a woman, it’s always a little scary to be approached by a strange man, for any reason. I don’t think this other man and his friend realized how grateful I was that they took a couple of extra seconds to make sure I was alright. It was late at night and the encounter would have been a lot scarier for me had they not been there. Just wanted to say thank you. And if you’re a man reading this, I think I speak for most (if not all) women when I say that we really appreciate this kind of protective behavior toward strangers.

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