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Atlanta Teen Bryce Brooks Dies After Saving Four Kids He Didn’t Know From Drowning: ‘A Hero’

Not all heroes are endowed with abilities and wear capes. Most are ordinary individuals doing what they believe is best at the time, with little concern for their own well-being. Bryce Brooks, sixteen, and his family friend Charles Johnson II were both heroes.

Bryce leapt into the waves to rescue four youngsters he had never met before. Charles rushed in to help Bryce. Both died while attempting to help others on a spring break trip in Pensacola, Florida.

Bryce’s parents, Crystal Brooks and Shivy Brooks, want the world to know about their heroic son. They are both heartbroken and proud of Bryce. They hope that his tale will encourage others to give back to their communities.

Shivy said that because of the selflessness that it requires for someone to make such a sacrifice at the age of 16, they’re extremely proud of their kid at this time. Let it be emphasized that Atlanta produced children who would put up their lives for people they didn’t even know.”

Bryce is a true hero. He actually saved four children’s lives at the risk of his own, and the world should know that, he said.

Bryce and Charles were rescued from the water by other adults who were there during the awful episode. Life-saving measures were taken. They were both transported to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead. As per Shivy, Bryce died from cardiac arrest.

Bryce is survived by his parents and a younger sibling. Charles was a married man with three children. Both will be tremendously missed.

This tragedy occurred on Perdido Key, at a portion of the island where there are no lifeguards. This might have played a role in the occurrence.

What she wishes the world knew about their kid and Uncle Chuck is that they adored each other, mom Crystal stated. Love can provide answers to the majority of cosmic questions, even the tragic ones.

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