Aunt refuses to hide toys from neurotypical niece, tells sister to ‘parent her child.’

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Little background: I am a 40(f), who comes from a decent sized family (4 of us kids in total). My husband (37M) and I have been married 5 years and have no kids, despite trying. To give my parents a break, we offered to host Thanksgiving at our place this year. All things told, we are looking at about 16 people. I collect Lego (architecture stuff) and it’s displayed around the house as decor.

My oldest sister has 4 kids (1 doesn’t associate with the family). She will be bringing her son (28M), and 2 daughter (12f and 8f). My 8 year old niece has a very rare condition which includes seizures and autistic tendencies. While I know she has special needs, she is a very bright and creative child. But because of her complications they tend to indulge her or cater to her to keep her “happy”.

Today my sister informed me that if I have any “toys” my niece can’t play with I should put them away. Not actually asked, more told. Because she doesn’t want to fight with my niece. My husband thinks it’s ridiculous and my sister should just parent her child for a change. I admit my sister often thinks the rest of the family should watch her kids at family events. We put away my decorative dolls but the Lego is a large part of my decor, and I would like to show it off. Am I Wrong if I refuse to put away my “toys” and simply ask my sister to mind her kids? 

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