Autistic 10-year-old gets hundreds of birthday cards from strangers after no kids show up to his party

A birthday is a special occasion for everyone, regardless of age. But it is extremely significant for a youngster turning ten. So it aches much more when a child’s birthday celebration does not go as planned. No child should have to celebrate their birthday with no company.

Andrew Schmidt, a 10-year-old Milwaukee kid, was celebrating his birthday. The young child was looking forward to his special day, which his mother had arranged for him. Schmidt was looking forward to a day of fun and games. However no one showed up.

Andrew’s mother, Kayla Sippel expressed that she has decorations. She was expecting 20 people. Two hours in, no show. Andrew glanced at her and asked, “Mom, where is everyone?”

Schmidt is an autistic boy who was devastated by the refusal of his scheduled birthday attendees.

His mother told the journalists she has never seen him so upset. She felt like she had failed him in every facet of it, Sippel said, explaining that it was difficult for both Andrew and his mother not to take the zero attendance at his birthday personally. And all he could think about was ‘why doesn’t anyone want to play with him, where are all his pals, why doesn’t anyone want to come to his party,’ and it just tore her heart.

Sippel’s brother and uncle were among those who had arrived. This is when her husband turned to the internet for help. He blogged about what had occurred and how sad Andrew was, and then he made a simple plea: give him cards in return for good karma. He made it clear that they were not asking for money or anything else other than birthday cards to brighten up the sad kid.

He noted down the family’s address and hoped they’d get a few cards. What occurred next surprised neither of them. The family was overwhelmed with cards within days. Hundreds of letters from all around the country came in their mailbox almost overnight.

People.really can be amazing and beautiful. So Aaron made a post last night regarding the fact that other than my…

Posted by Kayla Sippel on Sunday, 15 May 2022

Sippel added that they’ve gotten some from Mississippi, Missouri, Texas, and California. And that wasn’t all. People contributed money to buy a present for the birthday boy.

A community-based group, Community Task Force MKE, raised cash to purchase gifts for the little child. Vaun Mayes, their commander, presented the small birthday boy his presents live on Facebook.

#ComForceMKE Happy Birthday to 10 year old Andrew #AutisticLivesMatter

Posted by Vaun L Mayes on Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Andrew Schmidt was ecstatic. His mother said that the young kid has been in excellent spirits since the cards began to arrive and has entirely forgotten the heartbreak he had at his birthday celebration.

What a fantastic conclusion to what started out as a tragic tragedy. If you look hard enough, you can discover a silver lining. We would like to wish Andrew Schmidt a very happy birthday!

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