Autistic 4-Year-Old Girl Found Dead in a Pond After She Went Missing | “Devastating and Heartbreaking”

Fiedwenya “NeeGee” Fiefe, a four-year-old autistic kid, had been reported missing by her mom to the Plainfield Police Department on Thursday. Since Thursday, the police and residents have been conducting intensive searches.

The Plainfield Police Department reported in a statement on Saturday that a kid’s corpse matching NeeGee’s description was found on Friday evening after a search by officials and locals in a body of water in the Legacy Farms neighbourhood. The Hendricks County Coroner’s Office will determine the kid’s identification accurately.

Despite the courageous attempts of the people, volunteers, police, and fire departments, as well as local and state authorities, the hunt for missing NeeGee has come to a terrible and tragic conclusion, police stated in a Facebook post. They ask that the public please remember Fiedwenya Fiefe’s family in their thoughts and prayers at this time, and respect their privacy, the statement said.

Despite the valiant efforts of our citizens, volunteers, police, fire, along with local and state agencies, the search…

Posted by Plainfield Police Department on Friday, 2 September 2022

NeeGee was last seen strolling near her house in the Legacy Farms community in Plainfield, 17 miles southwest of Indianapolis, soon after she was reported missing on Thursday. According to the authorities, because NeeGee is nonverbal, she would have found it difficult to solicit aid. According to NeeGee’s mother, she went missing after a misunderstanding caused her to assume the youngster was with her grandma.

On Friday, around 500 first responders and volunteers joined the hunt for NeeGee. The cops said they were concentrating their efforts in her area and two others nearby. The state had also released a silver alert for the missing kid, stating that she “is suspected to be in extremely dangerous circumstances and may require medical care.”

Since NeeGee was allegedly drawn to water, police were checking 14 ponds in Legacy Farms and adjacent locations. Everyone in the community cares. Individuals want to come out and help, as seen by the overwhelming response on social media, Plainfield Deputy Chief Joe Aldridge said.

In another Facebook statement, police asked residents to go outside and carefully investigate one’s property, as well as watch any exterior house video. Meanwhile, officers conducted a search using drones, rescue dogs, boats, and off-road vehicles. Aldridge added that he will tell one that the seas are quite murky and black. It’s really tough for divers to detect anything in those ponds, so they’re not ruling anything out.

If you live in either the Legacy Farms or Sugar Grove Farms housing additions, Plainfield PD could use your help! Please…

Posted by Plainfield Police Department on Thursday, 1 September 2022

On Friday morning, as the hunt entered a second day, Aldridge told reporters, she has a record of leaving the residence unsupervised, however they normally find her fast and get her back.

No foul play was detected, according to Aldridge. From what he learned, there is a miscommunication between mom and grandma about who was minding her at the time, and this has occurred a few times previously, he said. As one could expect, the family is distraught. They are assisting their agency.

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