Autistic boy, 14, ‘shocked’ and ‘bruised’ after Ronaldo ‘smashed phone out of hand’

Following Manchester United’s 1-0 loss to Everton, Cristiano Ronaldo seems to knock a cell phone out of the palm of a supporter. 

A mother also alleged that the Portuguese superstar ‘assaulted’ and ‘bruised’ her 14-year-old son by grabbing his phone out of his hand while on full-time duty. Sarah Kelly of Upton took her son Jake Harding to Goodison Park on Saturday for the first time to witness his favourite Blues play. 

A video of a hobbled Ronaldo allegedly dropping his right hand to the ground in despair has surfaced. He can be seen connecting with what looks to be a fan’s phone. The item immediately fell to the ground, and supporters booed the striker because of the occurrence.

Cristiano Ronaldo smashed someone's phone after losing to Everton, according to fans at the ground 😳

Cristiano Ronaldo smashed someone's phone after losing to Everton, according to fans at the ground 😳 (via EvertonHub/Twitter)

Posted by ESPN FC on Saturday, 9 April 2022

Sarah asserts she was weeping and was shaken. Jacob was in full shock – he’s autistic and has dyspraxia too, so he didn’t really process what was going on until he got home. Her son has always said, ‘Ronaldo will be there’ – he’s an idol.

She continued that she would have understood if Jake was waving it in his face, but he wasn’t close to his face, he was down on the floor inspecting his injuries. ‘He’s an autistic youngster who has been abused by a football player, that’s how I view it as a mother,’ she continued. 

Merseyside Police have previously announced that they are looking into an occurrence in which Cristiano Ronaldo is blamed for shattering an Everton fan’s phone. 

Ronaldo has subsequently apologised for his emotional ‘outburst’ in the Goodison Park tunnel and offered the offended fan to attend a game at Old Trafford. After the game, Ronaldo posted on social media that it’s never easy to cope with emotions in tough circumstances like the one they were in. However, they must always be courteous, patient, and set a good example for all the young people who adore the beautiful game. He would want to apologise for his explosion and, if feasible, invite this supporter to witness a game at Old Trafford as a gesture of fairness and sportsmanship. 

It’s never easy to deal with emotions in difficult moments such as the one we are facing. Nevertheless, we always have…

Posted by Cristiano Ronaldo on Saturday, 9 April 2022

Ronaldo’s followers were eager to defend him. Some speculated that it was the 37-year-shin old’s pad, given he was spotted clutching only one. His second shin pad, though, looks to be in his sock. 

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