Auto Repairman Sees People In Need In His Community And Builds Them A Village Of Tiny Homes.

Tiny houses are becoming increasingly popular in the trendy realm of alternative living, and for valid reason.

In addition to reducing your carbon footprint in terms of materials used and energy requirements, the homes are considerably easier and less time-consuming to manage, and they inspire you to respect the landscape around you as much as the home you’re in.

Tiny houses are quite stunning. Of course, these are advantages available only to those with financial means.

Luckily, these same resources may also be used to reach out and provide a helping hand, as Carmen Guidi, founder of Second Wind Village in Newfield, has done.

When he noticed a need, he filled it. And he gave up land on his own property to achieve it.

Second Wind Village is a group of small cottages erected on Guidi’s land for Ithaca’s homeless men.

After a few Goodwill excursions to Honduras and Haiti, he had the brilliant notion.

Guidi admits to not knowing everything there is to understand about compact living, yet he feels he would want to live that way himself.

Guidi feels that the homeless are being met for more than just a roof over their heads.

They provide the men with a degree of dignity that they cannot obtain otherwise. Even though they do not own the properties, they feel ownership and pride in their surroundings. The point is, they want to be part of a group while yet having their own time and space.

Guidi often visits “The Jungle,” a rural neighborhood close behind some of Ithaca’s prominent institutions, to engage with the homeless.

He provides them the food and resources they require, astounded at the amount of individuals who cannot afford to live like other individuals do. He finally invites them to Second Wind Cottages.

Guidi has been encouraged to continue his work by gently restoring the dignity of the destitute through his housing program.

He intends to construct nine more. A separate structure will be created to shelter homeless women and kids.

Nels Bohn, Director of the City of Ithaca’s Urban Renewal Agency, reports that Guidi has collaborated with a number of organizations to improve the lives of the homeless.

Fortunately, all 40 Ithaca emergency shelters have the necessary resources to care for the homeless and assist them in getting back on their feet.

Guidi’s assistance, on the other hand, is much appreciated.

Bohn also underlines the importance of assisting the homeless with underlying difficulties.

Luckily, Ithaca’s state authorities are constant in ensuring enough financing for issues such as addiction, mental health, and family crises.

They don’t want anyone to be lost in the shuffle.

Guidi’s cottages have a 30-person waiting list. He hopes to create more in the future to assist get individuals off the streets and into safer places where they can flourish and start again.

His altruistic goal has impacted countless lives and encouraged many more to do the same.

Guidi’s interview below takes you inside the Second Winds cottages!

Tiny houses have a big impact for homeless in an Ithaca-area community. Watch the video here or go to for more.

Posted by InnovationTrail on Wednesday, 20 April 2016
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