Baby Born With Mermaid Tail Lives Just Long Enough For Parents To Hold Him As He’s Baptized.

There is nothing so terrible as the loss of a baby. This story is a powerful reminder to value each moment we are given just like the parents of this precious angel who cherished and treasured their beloved son even if it was just for a day.

Stefan Shaw and his partner Chelby knew they would never have a chance to meet their little boy alive since at the 20th week ultrasound, doctors told the couple that their baby was missing his kidneys and all of the fluid from the amniotic sac was gone.

When Joseph Shaw entered the world 7 weeks early via emergency c-section. He was without kidneys, bowels or genitals and his legs were like a mermaid. But still he was breathing. When Stefan Shaw looked at his baby boy he fell in love with his special beautiful angel boy.

Joseph’s condition began to worsen and the parents knew they didn’t have time. With the help of medical staff they soon baptized him. When he was being christened they had to pump air into him to keep him alive.

Soon after that the father recalls the dreadful moment of him holding the precious baby while the staff took the tube out from Joseph’s mouth and his beloved baby died in his arms.

It was heartbreaking and extremely painful to let go of their little child. He must have spent only a day on this earth but he left a huge impact on his parents’ lives forever.

May God’s angels surround the couple and bring peace, love, comfort, strength and happiness in their lives.

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