Baby Girl Dies Alone After Her Mom Goes On A Six-Day Bender Birthday Celebration.

19 year old Verphy Kudi was imprisoned after leaving her 20 month old baby girl, Asiah, alone in the flat to starve and compelling her to go through almost unbelievable suffering.

But police have now established that the selfish mother had abandoned her child on numerous times before and even twice to go out partying. 

The cruel mother who was jailed for nine years had attended parties in London, Coventry and Solihull during the marathon six-day party session sometime in December 2019.

Cold-hearted Kudi even had a DJ announce her birthday as her baby girl was alone at home starving to death. She even broke down on one of the days and said she was missing her daughter who she was worried about and said that she was not used to being away from her.

After she finally returned home, Kudi called 999 for help as her daughter was not waking up. Police have now said that on six occasions Kudi’s absences were considered significant with one lasting more than two days. 

Officers managed to track Kudi’s movements using phone data and CCTV at the supported housing block where she lived. 

Kudi had abandoned Asiah for the final time to celebrate her 18th birthday across the country. Asiah had starved to death by the time Kudi returned almost after 6 days after she had departed.

In harrowing evidence the court heard that Dr Nicola Cleghorn felt it was unlikely that little Asiah would have continued to cry because she had learned that her mother would not respond. Sentencing Kudi, Judge Christine Laing said that Asiah was alone in that flat for almost six days unable to do anything to draw attention to her plight.

In the opinion of Dr Cleghorn, it’s unlikely that Asiah would have cried for any length of time because she had already learnt that in many occasions there was unlikely to be a response and she said that it is a particularly distressing aspect of this case. And when her suffering became too great, she would not have had the strength to cry.

The judge also criticized Kudi for choosing to rank her desires over the needs of her child.

Asiah was rushed to Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton but was terribly declared dead on arrival. A post-mortem examination and succeeding forensic tests found that Asiah was dehydrated and starved, concluding that she died from negligence.

Kudi cried as she was jailed for nine years at Lewes Crown Court and will serve two-thirds of her sentence in prison before being released on licence.

Shocking footage has now been released showing Kudi beaming as she parties in a nightclub three days after leaving her daughter. CCTV also showed Kudi leaving the flat and her baby girl as she embarked on the spree.  

When Kudi arrived back from her boozy outing, she was seen popping to a communal bin area as she waited three hours to call 999. Paramedics eventually raced to the home and discovered the baby cold and unresponsive with signs of rigour mortis setting in.

The frenetic mother told police that Asiah had been unwell all day and fell asleep after eating a banana and drinking some milk.

Kudi, who had been trying to sell show tickets and launch her modelling career that day and then claimed that she never woke up again but she drastically changed her story when police showed her CCTV that confirmed she left the flat alone on and didn’t return until six days later.

At the time of Asiah’s death, Kudi was living in supported housing for young families run by the YMCA on behalf of Brighton and Hove City Council. YMCA staffs are located in the block but do not enter the living areas or carry out visits or inspections. Staff at the unit called police after reviewing CCTV footage following the baby’s death.

Asiah did not have a social worker even though Kudi had repeatedly gone missing since the age of 14 and had been the subject of a number of police appeals.

Asiah and Kudi’s family have said that they are saddened by the current situation and as a family they have many unanswered questions. They said that Kudi has experienced so much at such a young age and they have always done what all they can to support her. The family said that they are in the midst of an unbearable tragedy. Not only they are coming to terms with what has happened today but they are still grieving for their beloved Asiah. The family has requested that they will be grateful if their privacy can be respected at moment.

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