Babysitter Balks After She’s Reamed Out For Ordering Herself McDonald’s After Kids Went To Bed.

Babysitting may be both enjoyable and rewarding, especially for a teen. The only problem may be choosy parents. There are so many rules which are ok. However, guidelines must be clearly stated so that there are no misunderstandings. Read the story where this babysitter and the kid’s parents had a clash and let us know how you would handle such a situation.

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So this happened yesterday and I thought i’d share it here as i’m honestly baffled by this and if I actually did anything wrong.

I (18F) was babysitting for my Aunt and Uncle, they have three kids, (11M), (9F), (3F). They left food for them to be heated up for their dinner which I did but it didn’t look appealing to me for my dinner despite there being enough. It was a curry and honestly not a fan of those. So I fed the kids and once all three were in bed and asleep (yes I checked) I ordered an uber eats and got McDonalds delivered for myself.

I then proceeded to eat my dinner when it arrived while watching Bridgerton season 2, i’m late to the party but i’m loving it so far. I did pause every so often to check on the kids though especially the youngest as she’s the age where it’s not unthinkable she’d be up and down. Anyway everything was fine and when my Aunt and Uncle got back they saw the McDonalds drink I still hadn’t finished and my Uncle asked me if i’d taken the kids out for McDonalds, I explained that no i’d fed them the food they’d left and once they were asleep I got myself a McDonalds.

My Uncle was rather cross at me over this and said if I was buying myself a McDonalds I should have gotten it for the kids too as it’s unfair, I told him I’d only had enough for myself and if i’d had enough sure i’d have gotten the kids something but that was why i’d waited till they were asleep. My Aunt then began to ask me why i’d not eaten the curry and how they’d made sure there was enough for me too, I told them I just didn’t like curry that much and that made my Uncle go off on a tirade about how how people my age are so picky and spoiled and how i’d wasted good food (I’d put the leftovers in the fridge it’s not like I tossed what was left).

I admit I was upset by this and ended up leaving asap and my Dad was pissed at his brother and was shouting at him on the phone today. I’m in the middle of a shitstorm and need some advice on if I’m wrong.

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