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Barbra Streisand And James Brolin Fell In Love After 50 — 24 Years Later They Still Hold Hands And Go On Dates Like Teens.

Barbara Streisand and James Brolin, her husband of 24 years, are a prosperous couple, yet they are also appreciated for how their marriage still seems like a youthful love affair many years later.

The pair met on a blind date, and Streisand stated that Brolin did not resemble the guy she had imagined. The singer expected to encounter a man with thick hair and a beard, yet she was stunned to discover him bald.

Streisand couldn’t help herself and informed her guy his hair was messed up. Her remark, though, did not drive Brolin away; rather, it was what made him know he had discovered the one.

Brolin was in love at first sight, but it took Streisand a few days to fall in love with him. The love between the two performers became stronger over time, and they married in 1998.

Streisand was previously married to Elliot Gould from 1961 until 1973, and the couple had a son, Jason. Brolin was married twice, first for 20 years to casting agent Jane Agee and subsequently for over ten years to Jane Smithers.

Brolin has 3 kids from prior marriages, Josh, Jess, and Molly Brolin, and four grandchildren, Eden, Trevor, Westlyn, and Chapel.

The actor acknowledged his gratitude for having Streisand in his life and declared his desire to continue living with her. He also admitted, every night is a fresh experience. Sleeping is a complete waste of time. He is looking forward to seeing her again in the morning.

When Brolin was filming in the Philippines, they talked for three to five hours on the phone. Because cell phones were not widely available at the time, they relied on a payphone, which cost $5 per minute. Brolin quipped that he probably spent his whole paycheck talking to his wife.

When questioned what they had been discussing for so long, the actor said, teenage bullsh*t. His relationship with Streisand felt like a childish fantasy, and with each phone contact, he imagined her getting lost in their talk and doing all sorts of crazy things.

While Streisand and Brolin are in love and living in a lovely bubble, some observers doubted their relationship would endure. Brolin quipped that the first person to disbelieve them was an ex-partner, but they are still in paradise 24 years later.

Even through the difficult lockout that could have ruined other couples, Brolin raved about him and Streisand just growing closer.

Brolin and Streisand never expected to find love again; in fact, they had given up hope. But once they met, every day seemed strange, and the pair couldn’t believe how fortunate they were.

Streisand and Brolin enjoyed one of the most gorgeous weddings, according to reports. John Travolta and his late wife, Kelly Preston, both admitted to crying when they saw their love.

As he hugged his mom, dad, kids, and grandkids, the “Westworld” star couldn’t control his delight and called it the best day of his life.

The couple has a lovely backyard with flowing water and lovely flowers. Brolin attributed all of the credit to his wife, who meticulously put each bloom. The backyard is so picturesque that it appears to be a movie set, yet Brolin proudly stated that it was entirely genuine.

Streisand had intended to buy their home for a long time, but it took her eleven years to do it. The hitmaker chose every detail to be a dream house for her husband and their dog.

Both Streisand and Brolin have accomplished careers, and the actor is happy to have a lady who can hold her own. As a result, Brolin said that he and his wife had opted to keep their bank accounts separate.

While this may come as a surprise to some, the actor rationalized that because this was his third marriage, he did not want to do anything that might result in another divorce.

Brolin also stated that having a “referee,” a therapist who can mediate as they go through their problems, was one of the most essential things he established in his marriage. As a result, he firmly said that he and Streisand had done an excellent job of getting to the bottom of things.

Even after more than two decades, the couple’s marriage remains shrouded in mystery. Brolin claimed that when he returns home, he is always in for a surprise. Streisand will text him to rush back and a wonderful present will be waiting for him.

He enjoys showing his thanks to his wife because he is constantly treated properly. The actor claimed he keeps his surprises new by sometimes giving Streisand a piece of jewelry. Brolin said that his wife is picky about jewelry, and his choices were a mixed bag.

Aside from giving each other, the pair enjoys going on dates and trying out new hobbies to spend quality time together. Streisand was photographed in Italy with a bunch of red roses, looking as stunning as ever for her romantic rendezvous with Brolin.

The pair also enjoys swimming together as a way to stay in shape. They then spend time in the sauna and chill up with an ice bath.

The pair also enjoys becoming grandparents. Streisand posted a wonderful photo of herself, Brolin, and their granddaughter Westlyn, conveying their joy at spending time with her. Streisand also shared a beautiful photo of Westlyn sitting inside a kitchen drawer being fed by her grandmother.

In another post, the singer disclosed an unexpected truth while sharing a photo of Westlyn playing with her hat. She noted that “hat” was one of her son Jason’s first words, as was Westlyn’s.

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