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Barbra Streisand’s Only Son Was Called ‘Million-Dollar Baby’ before Birth – At 56 He’s Still ‘Honey’ to Her.

Jason Gould, Barbra Streisand’s only child, is her only child. She is immensely proud of her kid, who may have cost her a million dollars unwittingly before he was even born.

Nonetheless, the filmmaker likes her son and shared a black and white flashback picture of the duo on an aeroplane when Jason was a child on December 29, 2022, on social media.

Jason is still her “honey” to the 80-year-old mother, despite the fact that he is now 56 years old. “Wishing you a happy birthday, honey.” “Mom xo,” the adoring mother wrote her photo.

Jason is a homosexual guy who never concealed his sexuality from his parents, and his mom accepts him exactly as he is. Streisand gushed over her kid in a 1999 interview with, saying that she would never wish for her son to be anything other than what he is. He is intelligent, kind, sensitive, and as well as a highly conscientious and excellent guy. What more could a parent want in a child?

The mother of one further said that she has “been really blessed” to have a kid like Jason. Most parents believe that their child is exceptional, and she is no exception, she said.

Streisand has expressed her desire for her kid to experience a rich life of love, joy, contentment, and fulfilment, both creatively and personally.

The Oscar winner has a son with actor Elliot Gould, whom she married in 1963. When the singer found she was pregnant with the couple’s kid in 1966, she had planned to visit twenty cities. It was expected to net her more than $1 million, the most valued amount at the time.

When Streisand became pregnant in the spring of that year, she prioritised her pregnancy, cancelled her gigs, and lost the money she would have earned.

The New York native’s choice drew a lot of media attention since her unborn kid was dubbed the “million-dollar baby,” which she considered “offensive and crass.” Furthermore, she couldn’t care less about losing money since it wasn’t more significant to her.

In December 1966, Streisand and Elliot welcomed their son. In 1971, they chose to end their marriage after three years. Nonetheless, Jason, who was born in New York City, maintained positive ties with both of them throughout the years.

He even grew up to become an actor and director, following in their footsteps. The actor is best recognised for his roles in “Say Anything,” “The Prince of Tides,” and “Boys Life 3” (2000).

Meanwhile, his dad is most known for his roles in the 1969 comedy picture “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice,” for which he got an Academy Award nomination, and the 1970 comedy series “M*A*S*H.” In “Ocean’s Eleven” (2001) and “Ocean’s Twelve” (2004), Elliot played an old-school con artist named Reuben Tishkoff.

Following his divorce from Streisand, he remarried again to the same lady, actress Jennifer Bogart, in 1973. Samuel and Molly, the couple’s two children, were born. They divorced in 1975, remarried in 1978, and divorced again in 1989.

Meanwhile, his ex-wife Barbra Streisand remarried and married Emmy Award-winning actor James Brolin in 1998, and the pair is still together. She and her spouse of two decades, nevertheless, do not have kids together.

In an interview in October 2017, Streisand’s ex-husband spoke highly of their present relationship. He briefly mentioned his mixed family, adding that people have certain assumptions about family relationships that they do not have.

Despite their divorce, the Academy Award nominee revealed that he still incorporates Streisand and his son in his life and that they remained close.

The TV personality stated that he assured the EGOT winner that even though they were no longer together, he would always be a part of her life. “I’ve told her: I know you’re married to someone else now, and I only wish you well, but this is a small family unit, and you’re a part of it, so I’ll always be there,” Elliot said, adding, “Barbra is a very important part of my life, no less significant than the rest of my family.” Jason is the sun in our life.”

He acknowledged Streisand’s affection for their kid and stated that the three remains in contact. The “Meet the Fockers” actor is now “happily married to James Brolin, and he is very nice to me,” according to the father of three.

Elliot was asked what he purchased the actress on her 75th birthday in April 2017. He said that they do not generally exchange gifts.

When asked who their kid is like, the Los Angeles native said Jason is like both of them. He has his attention. And he’s a genius. He is singing. He’s creative. In some respects, he and Barbra are similar.

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