Barefoot toddler walks with her hands in the air towards armed police

This is the startling scene in which a kid imitates her parents after they have been detained by police by climbing barefoot out of a pickup vehicle and walking with her hands outstretched towards armed cops. The shocking footage shows many cops pointing their rifles at a black pick-up truck while a man comes towards them with his arms raised and another man stands motionless with his arms raised. 

Chad M. Bom and James W. McMullen were arrested for stealing in a public parking lot outside a retail chain in Tallahassee, Florida. Due to allegations that the suspects were armed, they were equipped with guns and rifles. The kid, 2, then climbs out of the truck’s side door without shoes or socks and approaches the officers, who keep their rifles high. The video, recorded by a bystander, sparked outrage online, causing the police to deliver two more body cam films showing how they tried to return the 2-year-old and another, smaller kid to their mom. 

Toddler Puts Hands up as Her Dad is Arrested

Toddler Puts Hands up as Her Dad is Arrested

Posted by Karim Jovian on Friday, June 26, 2020

Tallahassee police stated that they were so intensely armed since the store employees who reported the perpetrators indicated they were equipped. A pellet gun was discovered in the back of the pick-up vehicle by police. The person capturing the video explained that she’s attempting to get out, but she can’t because she’s little. One observer observes that they’re still pointing the pistol at the infant. The other parties disagree saying that they have the pistol in the car. 

Police reportedly permitted a lady, who was claimed to be the kid’s mom, to hold her and the other child while they dealt with the problem. According to TPD Chief Michael DeLeo, film from ten body cameras was examined, according to the Tallahassee Democrat. Officers were astonished, he claimed, when the small girl emerged from the vehicle and walked towards them, asking their captive whether there were any more people in the automobile. 

According to the body cam footage, the man responds saying he has a two-year-old daughter and a one-year-old boy. The police attempts to convince the child and her mom, who were on the scene, to come to him, and enables the guy to assist in an attempt to pull her away from the pickup truck. In a subsequent video, the mother is seen removing the second kid from the truck. DeLeo expressed that the body camera evidence demonstrates the officers’ care for the kids as well as their sympathy in allowing the mother to care for the children. 

The suspect’s mother requests an officer to hold her 2-year-old while she removes the child from a car seat. The suspect’s mother requests an officer to hold her 2-year-old while she removes the child from a car seat. He further added that he is happy with how the police took care of the issue, how they responded when they became mindful of the kids, and the amount of kindness and care they demonstrated to the family.

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