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Baseball Players Hit 2-year-old Little Girl With 105 Mph Foul Ball

For most individuals, a day spent watching baseball with their families seems like a perfect day out. This family’s pleasant day out, though, turned into a nightmare when their small kid was hit by an errant baseball!

A family was out enjoying a day of baseball and they had no idea what would happen to them that day. The Yankees were playing a three-game series against the Minnesota Twins.

Todd Frazier of the New York Yankees came up to bat, and the audience was thrilled to watch him perform. Frazier got into position by hitting the bat against his sneakers. He fired a shot as the ball was barreling at him.

At 105 miles per hour, the bullet raced through the air and struck directly in the face of a young child. The tiny child was completely unprepared for the experience.

When the audience and players understood what had occurred, they went silent and seemed ill with anxiety. Worried bystanders rushed around the little girl and her family to give support and whatever help they could provide.

The players all appeared distraught on the pitch as the worrying turn of events unfolded. While some players knelt to pray, others were visibly emotional and unhappy. The game was stopped for four minutes as the small girl was rushed from the stadium to a nearby Columbia hospital for emergency medical care.

The small girl was placed in a neck brace at the hospital because she had a broken skull and bleeding in her brain. Her eyes had swelled shut, and the baseball stitch had sliced into her brow. She was in the intensive care unit for six days, linked up to various devices that monitored her health. That week was remembered by her parents as “the longest days of our life.”

Geoffrey Jacobson, the 2-year-old girl’s dad, subsequently stated that his little girl surviving the injuries was “nothing short of a miracle.”

Almost three years later, in 2020, he stated that “one inch up or down, left or right, and things may be radically different.” She may now live her life like a typical four-year-old. There are no more eye coverings or limitations. Just regular doctor’s appointments.”

She may need surgery on her orbital socket or nose as she grows older, and she still visits the eye specialist and neurologist every six months, but she is otherwise a typical 4-year-old lively youngster.

After the event, Jacobson did not pursue a lawsuit and stated, it will be a long time before  take his kids to a baseball game. When the moment comes, they’ll make sure they’re hidden beneath protective netting.

To avoid instances like this one, major league baseball teams have been encouraged since 2015 to install expanded netting completely around their dugouts to protect supporters and watchers from stray baseballs.

Fans are once again fired up, demanding that big league baseball teams and their management install netting on game fields since catastrophes and situations like these are unavoidable without it.

We are overjoyed that the young child is currently doing well. What a terrifying experience to undergo at such a young age.

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