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“Beautiful Little Girl” Mauled To Death In Own Home By Dog.

The devastated family of a ‘delightful’ baby girl who was sadly destroyed to death at her home by a dog purchased simply last week have today genuinely honored the ‘much-cherished’ 17-month-old, saying: ‘‘She will be sadly missed but never forgotten’. 

At approximately 3.50pm on Monday, Bella-Rae Birch was attacked by the family pet at her home on Bidston Avenue in Blackbrook, St Helens, Merseyside. She was taken to the hospital by emergency services, where she died as a result of her wounds.

Neighbors portrayed her ‘crushed’ mother Treysharn Bates ‘crying insanely’ outside the house minutes after the previous loathsome assault, while sorrowful friends and family were envisioned leaving blossoms on the street earlier today.

Merseyside Police stated that the dog was destroyed and that police are examining whether the animal was an unlawful breed under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. They are also attempting to locate the dog’s prior owner, according to a news conference held outside the property. Locals speculated that the animal was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier or a Pitbull Terrier.

Bella-family Rae’s stated in a statement provided by police that as a family, they would want to thank the community for their help. They would want to request some space and time to attempt to come to grips with the devastating death of our beloved Bella-Rae. She will be missed but never forgotten.

A hero neighbour, who recognized herself only as Jordan, recalled the moment she came up to the house and started CPR on Bella-Rae.

The learner paramedic stated that she had picked up her children from school and came home to see a ruckus. She stated that there were ‘about 20 police cars’ outside the house, and she hurried over to do CPR on the sad tot until paramedics arrived. In her words, ‘I pulled up in my car. I had been picking up my children from school. I hurried over when I heard screams. I attempted to assist. There were people everywhere. They were wailing and yelling. The infant wasn’t feeling well. ‘I attempted to assist her.’ I began CPR and held it for around 30 seconds. I was the only one there. The paramedics then took control. The parents were in stitches.’

It comes only months after Jack William Lis, 10, was murdered while playing with a friend after school in Penyheol, Caerphilly, by a ferocious dog dubbed ‘Beast.’

‘Bella-Rae has lost her life in the most unimaginably horrific conditions, and our sympathies are first and foremost with the family and the broader community at this tragic time,’ Merseyside Police Superintendent Steve Brizell said during a news conference. He further added, ‘Our specialised family liaison officers are assisting Bella-family, Rae’s and police will stay in the area in the coming days to give further reassurance and assistance to the wider community. At this point, we believe the family dog, which they purchased just a week ago, attacked Bella-Rae inside the family house.’

‘Bella-Rae was transported to the hospital by ambulance by paramedics, however despite the best efforts of police officers on the scene, paramedics, and physicians, Bella-Rae died as a consequence of her injuries yesterday afternoon. It has left the family and the community in mourning and astonishment. The dog was handed over to police at the residence during the incident and was humanely slaughtered.’ Detailed investigations into this unfortunate occurrence are ongoing, as are forensic examinations to ascertain the dog’s breed, and we are seeking to find the dog’s prior owners so we can establish its history. We need to keep on supporting the family and the neighborhood local area, and officials will stay at the scene on Bidston Avenue during the day today’ said the police department.

One onlooker who was near tears expressed that it’s horrendous. In his words, ‘I went over to assist. I won’t go into detail about what happened, but I will say that they were a devoted family. They adored the little girl. They were usually out and about together.’

‘You see it on the news, but when it occurs on your doorstep, it’s awful for the entire town,’ said another neighbour.

‘We pulled up from school and heard yelling,’ one homeowner said. I simply hurried over to assist and began CPR until the paramedics arrived.’

‘She was such a gorgeous little kid, toddling around,’ recalled Joanne Matthews, 53. I’d see the family while passing and say hello, and they were always kind.’ She described the sight of yesterday’s attack saying that she watched them bring the dog out. She couldn’t determine what breed it was, but it appeared to be a Staffordshire bull terrier or a pit bull from the back. It didn’t appear to be a puppy, but rather a fully grown adult.

Another neighbour, who did not want to be identified, claimed she returned home from the shops at 4.30 p.m., when the neighbourhood was heavily policed. ‘The mother was sobbing on the grass in front of the home,’ she explained. She was insane. It is typically extremely calm and safe for youngsters here, but hearing anything like this has happened is really upsetting. It broke her heart to see the mom cry. She doesn’t want to think about what the mom must be going through.

‘It was such a shock,’ said Pauline Sharratt, a neighbour. It’s heartbreaking, it truly is, she was a 17-month-old baby.’

Linda Burchill, another neighbour, claimed she observed the dog being hauled away by police. ‘It felt so calm at the moment,’ she continued. The cops placed it on a leash in the back of a vehicle.’

‘Everyone is sad,’ said one neighbour who did not want to be identified. The entire avenue was closed up, and there was a chopper that couldn’t land.’

Local Labour MP Conor McGinn wrote on Twitter: ‘The close-knit community in Blackbrook and across St Helens is in great shock following yesterday’s tragedy. Our hearts go out to the little girl’s family, who are devastated. I’m confident that everyone in the community will respect their need for privacy while they grieve.’

‘This is a heartbreaking event, and our sympathies are with the child’s family at this difficult time,’ said Detective Inspector Lisa Milligan. He continued saying, ‘The little girl’s parents and extended family are distraught, and our professional Family Liaison Officers are assisting them during this terrible time. While we are still in the early phases of this terribly terrible occurrence, we can affirm that the dog was just purchased by the family a week ago, and police are seeking to find the prior owners of the dog in question and determine its history. Our police will stay on Bidston Avenue tonight and in the coming days to reassure the local community, and we will work relentlessly to determine the entire scope of the situation. If you were in the Bidston Avenue neighbourhood this afternoon and saw anything or know anything about the dog in question, please come forward and talk with one of our officers.

The problem of hazardous dogs is taken extremely seriously by our police. Over the years, we have worked proactively with Merseyside’s five local authorities to ensure that forbidden pets are removed off the streets.’

Anyone with information is requested to contact the authorities in their social media desk @MerPolCC or the Merseyside Police Contact Centre on Facebook, using the reference 22000196837.

Alternatively, you can call the independent charity @CrimestoppersUK anonymously, on 0800 555 111. You can also use their online form at:

May the little angel’s soul rest in peace. May the family find strength, comfort and peace to bear this terrible pain.

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