Before The Family Could Mother-In-Law Announced Their Pregnancy On Fb.

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i found out i was pregnant july 2nd, and told my mom july 4th. when i told her i asked her not to tell anyone or post about it, i wasn’t ready to share with everyone. a couple weeks went by, i told everyone important and she called me and asked if she could talk about it at work. i asked her to still keep it off of facebook.

4 days ago i got an at home doppler and recorded a video of the babies heartbeat and sent it to her. she called me and begged to post it on facebook and i told her again i wanted to be the one to post about it first, and after i did i didn’t care what she posted.

i was planning an announcement photoshoot, but i was waiting until my first ultrasound (which was today). after i got the photos from the photoshoot i was going to make a public post on social media, my photos aren’t until next weekend.

i got home from my ultrasound and sent my mom the photo. we talked about it for a few minutes and then i went to work. i sat down for my break, opened facebook, and the first thing i see is my ultrasound and the video of the doppler from a few days ago.

i was furious, i texted her and called her and she didn’t listen to anything i had to say. she said her two cents and hung up on me and refused to answer the phone after that. her excuse was she was excited and “everyone she knows that knows me she has already told.” i told her that wasn’t a good reason and she should have asked instead of just doing it to avoid this whole thing.

i’m truly upset she took away my first pregnancy announcement. i’ve cried about it all night. i was so excited for my photoshoot and to post the pictures, and she ruined it. she ruined everything. it truly sucks, i will never have another “first pregnancy” or anything and it sucks to have my moment taken away from me.

she also said some truly terrible things. we had been arguing for a few months before i told her so this is just the icing on the cake. i asked her if she wanted to be a part of my life, and she responded with “i have my son.” which i take as a strong no! i blocked her 🙂

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