Ben Affleck Breaks Down In Tears with Jennifer Lopez On Their Honeymoon-Paris.

While on his honeymoon with Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck seemed to be becoming quite emotional, yet there is still just love between them.

They halted for dinner at La Girafe in front of the Eiffel Tower on Jen’s 53rd birthday, no less, and had a romantic sit-down Sunday in Paris- a  ideal spot

According to these photos, it appears that BA may have experienced a poignant moment that resulted in tears at the private supper, which took place without any of their children there, although a few of their children have joined them in Europe.

Ben may have been sobbing for unknown reasons, but he had a shoulder to cry on. J He received a hug from Lo, as you can sort of see in these pictures. His face is being touched by her.

Ben quickly stopped the crying; later, after a romantic stroll around the city with just the two of them, he resumed his smile.

Ben and Jen got married last weekend in Vegas on a surprise, and they’ve been enjoying the city for the past few days.

Ben has experienced a few emotional ups and downs on this journey, sleeping at times and crying at times.  We think married life is just a part of the deal.


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