Best Decision Ever Taken By This Mother For Canceling The Event Last Minute Even Knowing She Had To Pay Back Money.

Story by Brynn Burger

Moms make difficult decisions hundreds of times a day.

Last night, later than I should have, I chose to cancel speaking at an event that would require me to fly through an international airport, stay with my currently healing and immunocompromised dad, shake hands and hug thousands of people, and then fly back to my tiny house where our extreme child’s meds and diagnoses can also deplete his immune system, knowing he’s already been battling respiratory sickness this week.

Friend, hear me when I say that, outside of memes about toilet paper shortages, I had not given COVID-19 a second thought until last night.

My decision was not based out of fear.

I am not afraid for myself.

I chose to potentially burn a bridge with a speaking event coordinator by cancelling last minute, knowing I will have to pay back the money I’d been given for travel expenses, because of faith.

My decision came down to my faith in the peace I had from God to NOT go over the fear of ‘what ifs’.

Friends, we are raising kids who can, at times, be medically fragile. My job as a mom/advocate/writer/truth-teller is to act out of faith and obedience and a knowledge of how my choices affect the greater whole.

I’m a healthy 38 year old. My dad and my son are not.

Those at the greatest risk of suffering the most from this virus are those who can defend themselves the least. I knew I couldn’t place myself in a position where I’d be consciously putting them at risk.

Sister, the panic and hysteria that is accompanying the Corona virus right now is a lot to take in, but we should have only one focus. Like each day, we are to protect our children, especially when they cannot do that for themselves.

So, I will work from home this weekend and trust the money to refund my travel expenses will be made up somehow because I know that this choice was what is best for my family and for others like us.

We can all make choices to protect without panic. ❤️

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