Big brother escorts sister to daddy-daughter school dance after dad didn’t show for 2nd year running

It always aches when somebody we care about disappoints us. That pain is obviously heightened when we are kids who have been let down by our parents. As children, we frequently do not comprehend the entire picture, and this natural sense of misunderstanding just adds to our sadness.

Furthermore, the hurt that comes from being let down by someone you believed would always be there for you might continue for years. It may stay buried deep down for the rest of one’s life in certain circumstances.

Skylar, 7, begged her father to accompany her to her school’s annual daddy-daughter dance. He had failed to appear the previous year, leaving Skylar heartbroken and puzzled as to why she wouldn’t be able to go when all of her friends were.

Unfortunately, he did the same act again this time, disappointing his daughter for an occasion she was looking forward to.

Skylar’s mother, Trelysia Hamerter, explained that this year she comes to her ahead of time and says, ‘Mommy, I want my dad to come with me to the dance.’ She is looking for her father. She wants everybody to know that she has a father.

Trelysia contacted her ex and inquired if he would accompany Skylar to the daddy-daughter dance, understanding how much it meant to her baby girl.

But there were alerting indications in the days leading up to the tragedy. Skylar’s father was avoiding answering the phone. Skylar had begun to believe that she would be disappointed again just a day before the dance.

Trelysia expressed her displeasure with the issue on Facebook. She wrote that she was devastated since there was nothing she could do. Clearly, she is not a boy.

Thankfully, Skylar’s family had a more dependable male: her elder brother, Christian. The little youngster witnessed his sister in tears and felt he had no option but to intervene, Trelysia claimed that Christian had informed her, “If he doesn’t come up, Mom, I’d want to take Skylar to the dance… She deserves to know that a man can be trusted and that she is truly unique.”

Trelysia rushed out to buy Christian a suit to match his sister’s gown. Trelysia stated on Facebook, “This is the second year in a row that my daughter’s father has failed to show up for the daddy-daughter dance,” Trelysia said on Facebook. “She sobbed because her heart was set on going. Then her elder brother came up and offered to take her… I absolutely sobbed.”

‘Just know that she is raising someone who will one day be a GREAT HUSBAND,’ the pleased mother continued.

This is the 2nd year that my daughter’s father stood her up for the Daddy/ daughter dance. She cried because she had her…

Posted by Trelysia Hamerter on Saturday, 29 February 2020

So Christian and Skylar went to the daddy-daughter dance together, and Trelysia informed her followers that the kids had a lovely time.

Thank you very much, Christian! Not only for watching out for your younger sister, but also for exemplifying how a true gentleman should always carry himself.

Please spread the word about this post to commend Christian on his good moral character and behavior.

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