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Biker sees man beating dog on highway so he rescues the canine & makes him his new co-pilot

On Valentine’s Day, motorcyclist Brandon Turnbow demonstrated his heartfelt love by stopping everything to help a tiny puppy that was being tormented.

Turnbow was riding his motorbike along Highway 171 in Texas, on his way to meet his father for a day of motorcycle riding.

Turnbow was driving along the highway when he noticed a horrible guy beating up a small Jack Russell. Turnbow was stunned, and he swiftly resolved to tell the person what he thought. But before he could respond, the guy flung the puppy on the curb and drove away.

Turnbow realized he couldn’t just leave the tiny dog alone since he was injured and afraid.

Turnbow approached the shivering dog gently. Turnbow was terrified the dog might rush into traffic, yet he remained motionless.

Turnbow stated on Facebook that he took a chance and simply folded his body over him to see if he would bite or trust him. He then simply shook his body against him, so he stood up with him in his arms and put him on the bike seat. Now what? he wondered.

Turnbow felt he needed to move swiftly, but he didn’t want to frighten the dog any further. So, before resuming his journey, he turned on the motorcycle to assist the pup adjust to the vibrations. Turnbow placed the small Jack Russell in his luggage once the dog appeared to be at ease.

He fell in love the moment he noticed the dog’s large eyes staring at him. He witnessed this guy throw the dog into the air curbside and drive away in his rearview mirror. He chased him down simply to give him the number one sign, Brandon explained on Facebook. And he now has a copilot – please welcome Mr. DAVIDSON.

Turnbow dubbed the puppy Mr. Davidson after his Harley-Davidson motorbike, and he brought him home that day. Mr. Davidson, fortunately, enjoyed riding Turnbow’s motorcycle with him!

He tried to glance back as much as possible to see if the dog was attempting to move about or not, and surprise, he enjoyed riding, thus they had around 45 miles to ride back to his house, and Mr Davidson was overjoyed! He assumed the dog was irritated at times because he was obstructing his wind!

The 10-year-old canine rapidly adjusted to his new surroundings and fell in love with his new father.

Turnbow adored Mr. Davidson in the same way that the dog adored him. He even composed a touching song about the puppy.

Mr. Davidson is still in love with Turnbow two years after being rescued.

After a long day of labor, the two enjoy lounging by the fire together!

Turnbow was fortunate to be at the right spot at the right moment, allowing him to save this small puppy who had no one else in the world. We’re overjoyed that these two met!

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