Bio Father Refuses To Pay Child Support, Gets Sued For $350K And Loses The Case.

Life is unpredictable, and there are a thousand and one factors why fathers and mothers all over the world may be unable to meet their legal requirements of paying alimony. Nonetheless, it doesn’t change the reality that child support has been a contentious issue for what feels like an eternity. Read the story to know why this child sued their uninvolved dad and do you think the decision was right?

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I don’t have a relationship with my biological father. He left her when she got pregnant and never acknowledged that he had a child, always saying she was lying. She did prove paternity in court and got an order for child support. At the time at least, he had a job making well over 6 figures that was handed to him by his parents as well as rental properties, so the ordered amount was pretty high. He refused to pay it at all and somehow got away with it.

My mother has died and I’m her only child. He’s never had a relationship with me, and in this matter, I wanted justice for my mother.

While I couldn’t independently sue for that back child support, I could essentially sue on behalf of her estate. I won, and he owed me almost $350,000, plus my legal fees. He cried poor, but the judgment was paid almost immediately, so either he was not, or his parents bailed him out.

I’ve seen his wife’s social media, and she’s posting about “bastards wanting a payday” and other tears. Some of my friends and family think that I shouldn’t have just used the legal system to get money that wasn’t technically mine. Am I A Jerk? What should I do?

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