Birthday boy slammed by neighbor in ruthless letter

A irate neighbor who wrote a scathing letter following the celebration criticized the host of an allegedly boisterous 21st birthday party.

The letter, written in red ink, targeted the organizer of a recent wild party at a Perth house, calling them “insensitive and rude.”

The author of the letter devoted a section of the page to the 21-year-old’s parents, praising them sarcastically on the kind of individual they raised.

Congratulations on raising a 21-year-old and educating them not to care or pay attention about their neighbors’ noisy parties, and for being yet another disrespectful and rude human being. Excellent work! said the letter.

If they intended on “partying till midnight,” the birthday person should have considered their neighbors.

He/she knows his parents didn’t teach him this, but please keep his neighbors in mind while he is partying till midnight. He/she genuinely feels this is a landmark to be cherished, and hope he never faces neighbors like oneselves again in one’s life, they wrote.

If and when he decides to have a family, come home exhausted from work, or simply wish to sleep comfortably in one’s own house, which is a right, please remember one’s neighbors.

The message went on to urge the recipient to “use your head.”

It stated, the world does not need another rude human being.

They also claimed that the party host should have told neighbors about their plans ahead of time so that they may “plan/prepare for conditions” and be brought to a club or restaurant.

On Monday, a snapshot of the indignant letter was posted to The Bell Tower Times Facebook page, where it drew over 600 comments, including one from a guy claiming to be the birthday boy.

Red font. It's on!

Posted by The Bell Tower Times on Monday, 3 October 2022

Thank you for your birthday greetings, everyone. Just to be clear, fliers were sent and received, he stated.

How else would they have realized it was a 21st birthday celebration?

The majority of the other comments were from individuals backing the party host and saying that 12 a.m. was a suitable termination time.

“Do you mean they partied till midnight and then shut it down without police intervention? They should consider that a success!” one person wrote.

“Oh my goodness! A 21st birthday celebration! That lasted till midnight! I am astounded and appalled! So irresponsible! “*insert sarcasm font*,” said another.

“Some people simply need to acquire a life. Fine if it was noisy till 4 a.m. But it appears to have ended at midnight. Congratulations to them! “Happy 21st,” a third person wrote.

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