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Bitter Ex Abandons Girlfriend’s Dog Across Country, Then Real Man Steps Up.

Zach Holt became an online celebrity after stepping up to do what another man should have done. Zach had worked at the Caroline County Humane Society, where his girlfriend was still an animal control officer. When the shelter was in the midst of a crisis, Zach was the guy with a solution.

The Caroline County Humane Society had discovered a pit bull mix that had been microchipped. When they tracked the puppy down to his “mom,” they immediately discovered that reconnecting the two would be difficult since the lady resided in Wichita, Kansas.

Unfortunately, she lost her dog, Zimba, while on vacation in Maryland with her partner. The pair split up while the boyfriend was gone with the dog, and the angry ex abandoned Zimba, refusing to accept his ex-girlfriend’s calls. Although Zimba had been located, there was still a problem that prevented him from being returned to his proper owner.

Zimba’s owner was obviously relieved to learn that her dog was okay, but she said that she couldn’t travel the 1,000+ miles from Kansas to Maryland due to her work and children. The shelter attempted to contact airlines but was unable to find an appropriate solution. Here comes Zach Holt.

Zach resolved to show the world how a true gentleman tackles terrible times after his girlfriend told him Zimba’s tale—and it doesn’t include dumping a dog halfway across the country after a painful breakup. If you haven’t already guessed, Zach offered to do what his vengeful ex should have done. He drove Zimba all the way home to Wichita.

He is a bartender,” Zach said, adding that he only works weekends and Monday. The other 4 days are off for him . And, four days is plenty of time to go to Kansas and back, so he thought, ‘Why not?'” he said. That’s exactly what he did.

Nevertheless, Zach converted Zimba’s horror tale into a feel-good one by road travelling with his new friend and documenting their voyage on social media.

On a Tuesday, the two hit the road, and Zach revealed that he was having a great time. Zach said Zimba was a terrific road trip companion, sleeping much of the first day, and that he enjoys driving and that the road trip was “the easy part” of the narrative.

Taking the spotlight away from himself, Zach praised the individual who discovered Zimba and gave him assistance.

But for Zach, who has a German shepherd/Shar Pei mix called Forrest and a cat named Sullivan, this was more than simply a road trip.

Zach gave the shelter credit for discovering Zimba’s owner and contacting her, but the shelter argued Zach wasn’t giving himself enough credit. Zach is doing this solely as a volunteer, asking for nothing in return, the shelter noted, noting that they were extremely appreciative.

People rallied behind Zach Holt and the shelter as they recounted “Zach and Zimba’s Great Adventure” on Facebook. Zach and Zimba arrived in Wichita in less than two days, where the dog was reunited with his family.

Many individuals may learn from Zach, but the individual who deserves the lesson the most is the immature “guy” who abandoned Zimba. Breakups are painful, but one doesn’t heal their hearts by inflicting pain on somebody else. Taking out one’s disappointments and frustrations on another living being is also never a good idea.

Fortunately, Zach Holt stood up where another guy had failed, demonstrating to the world how a man should approach difficult circumstances. A true man is not vindictive, but instead compassionate. He does not create issues; rather, he becomes the answer. He never harms an innocent animal and will go the extra mile — or 1,000 — for them. The world could surely use a lot more men like these.

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