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Bizarre Photo Of ‘Elon Musk Kissing A Robot’ Is Leaving The Internet Baffled.

The billionaire has made a career out of being at the cutting edge of contemporary technology, with initiatives like electric automobiles, space exploration, and social networking.

Pictures of Musk kissing female humanoids built by Pablo Guerrero are already spreading on social media, but not all is as it appears.

Following the publication of a film of Tesla’s humanoid robots, ‘Optimus’ taking their first steps, images re-posted by Twitter user Daniel Marven depicting the Tesla creator kissing four distinct female robots on May 16 have gone viral.

Grimes, if you’re reading this, please turn away immediately!

”Elon Musk announces the future wife, who is she?” Marven tweeted. It is the first robot that has been specifically designed with artificial intelligence with the personality and characteristics of the female that he dreams of, which are not found in any normal person, because, of course, no normal person has all of the required specifications.”

The visuals were certainly created using artificial intelligence.

“The post is to clarify the dangers of AI (artificial intelligence) in the coming period, especially after Tesla Company released the first integrated robot, ‘Optimus’,” he stated in the same tweet.

Twitter users are having a field day responding to Musk’s strange AI-generated visuals.

“Well, well, well… “What have we got here?” Someone made a remark.

A moviegoer mentioned the famous Will Smith sci-fi picture about a renegade humanoid robot. “I, Robot is about to become a reality,” they said in reaction to the images.

“@elonmusk is taking it too far now…” remarked a third. “Where has the robot husband gone?”

Another user wrote, “This just reminds me of the movie #MATRIX.”

Tesla showed a film this week of its Optimus robots physically taking a great leap for robotkind, having come a long way since the prototype was shown at the Tesla AI Day last year.

Musk displayed the video at Tesla’s shareholders meeting on Wednesday (May 17), and it depicted not one but five Optimus robots marching to human dominance.

Musk refers to them as “companions,” but we’re not so convinced. In any case, the robots can walk, pick up objects, do modest jobs, and utilize Tesla devices.

It’s just a matter of time until someone gets seen kissing one of them.

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