Black mother criticized for adopting two white siblings: ”Did you kidnap them?”

Kimberly Holden had always wanted to adopt since she was a child, but when she married, she couldn’t convince her husband to help her realise her goal.

She divorced three years later and chose to pursue her ambition of adopting as a single person.

The Connecticut mom started her path as a foster mother, and the kids she cared for were finally reunited with their family. But it wasn’t until she took a year off from fostering that she met a kid called Elizabeth, a white girl.

She explained that Elizabeth and she didn’t care that they looked different since all they saw was each other’s hearts which looked the same.

A social worker introduced Elizabeth, whom she affectionately calls Lizzie, to Kimberly when she was just 8 months old. It wasn’t long before the two formed a close friendship, and Kimberly adopted her in October 2015.

However, the obstacles Kimberly had to face in order to experience what other mothers and their kids take for granted have been difficult for this family.

Kimberly expressed that her child wasn’t Black but she was a kid that deserved her home and love, which she was happy to offer.

While they were out together, several individuals gave her strange and odd stares. “‘Are you her nanny?’ or ‘Did you kidnap her?'”

Kimberly was soon called by the same social worker who had informed her about Lizzie’s newborn brother Edgar.

It was a long and arduous road raising Edgar.  There have been many ups and downs, highs and lows. There were many tears, anxiety, and fury, but she never gave up. On July 6, 2018, she adopted Edgar after 1,072 days in foster care.

Kimberly’s family is now complete, and while she is a loving mother to these two siblings, nasty remarks from outsiders have only become worse.

Some individuals even questioned why Edgar was “whiter” than his sister.

Kimberly stated that she has faced a lot of backlash from black individuals who criticised her for not adopting black children.

She explained, people have called me nasty and disrespectful names since she is Black and her children are not. Elizabeth and Edgar are Puerto Ricans, Greeks, and Cherokees, respectively. They are a Transracial Family.

Her daughter Elizabeth is even asked at school why she is white yet her mother is black, to which she answers, yes she is her mother. Yes, her mom is African-American, and no, she is not. This is how God created them.

Kimberly expressed that racism is taught, and Elizabeth and Edgar are being taught to love All. Not just those that resemble them, but EVERYONE.

This busy mother of two is now documenting her experience on YouTube and Instagram in order to encourage others.

She remarked that love transcends skin tone. It makes no difference what hue someone is… Love Them.

She is going to do everything she can to teach people that love has no colour and that they don’t have to criticise others based on their ethnicity. We must put an end to racism. It is ridiculous.

No one has to explain the kids they have adopted; instead, they should be revered and appreciated for providing a safe haven for needy kids and nurturing them as they deserve.

Please tell people about Kimberly’s inspiring story.

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