Black pastor is handcuffed for watering his neighbor’s flowers

Despite a white woman stepping in and defending him, a black pastor is preparing to bring a discrimination case against the cops after he was jailed for watering his neighbor’s flowers while they were out of town.

Pastor Michael Jennings was detained outside his neighbor’s yard in Childersburg, Alabama, in May after cops got a report of a suspicious man and car on the property.

Jennings had just returned from Sunday worship when he was seen watering the flowers with a hose in the video. He informed them that his long-term neighbor had requested him to take after his shrubs while he was away.

Regardless of his good efforts and the support of other people, Jennings was arrested and accused with obstructing government operations.

After Jennings insisted that he was only gardening in the front yard, cops inquired how they ensure that’s the truth?

The pastor, who lives across the street, was perplexed and said that he had the water hose in his hand. He had been watering the flowers.

Three policemen from the Childersburg Police Department yelled at Jennings as he refused to give identification, before escorting him away in handcuffs.

Jennings subsequently discovered that the lady who phoned 911 recognized him but did not acknowledge him when she reported him.

During the confrontation, the preacher tells the cops that y’all racially profiled him.

An anonymous officer then replies, they’re not stereotyping him based on his race, to which Jennings responds, ‘Yes, you did.’

The officer continues that’s not true. They’re not interested in that, okay?

A white resident then interfered, telling cops that Jennings lived next door and that he knew the homeowner who had gone earlier that day.

He lives right there, the woman said, gesturing to Jennings’ property.

Despite the woman’s testimony, the pastor from Vision of Abundant Life Ministries in Sylacauga was detained and put in the backseat of the patrol car. During the arrest, his phone was also confiscated from him.

Does he have authority to water flowers? officers inquired of the woman.

He may since they are pals, and they went out of town today, and he may be watering their flowers, said the neighbor. It would be very natural.

This is definitely her fault, she subsequently said.

Jennings could be heard saying at one point throughout the encounter that his neighbour would be really upset and angry when he knows about this incident.

The ‘suspicious’ automobile later belonged to another guy, according to police. Jennings’ wife and daughter arrived later to verify him, but he was eventually accused of obstructing government operations.

The allegations were dismissed a month later, but the pastor intends to sue the cops for prejudice.

Last he checked, watering flowers wasn’t a felony, Jennings explained.

After the event, Jennings stated that the ’emotional toll’ will take some time to heal from.

According to Jennings’ attorney, Harry Daniels, the pastor has had difficulty moving on from the ‘distressing’ occurrence.

Daniel stated that Jenning thought his life might have been stolen from him in a split second if he showed any opposition, even though he was correct in the video.

According to Daniels, the pastor hesitated leaving to obtain his ID from his residence because he believed the police would ‘put a bullet’ in his back if he did.

When cops requested Jennings to establish his identification, he declined because, as a former law enforcement officer, he understood he wasn’t required to since he wasn’t committing an offense and was on private land.

Daniels stated that the video plainly indicated cops rejecting Jennings’ rights and identified the officers as Christopher Smith, J Gable, and Sgt. Jeremy Brooks.

If you observe in the film, when a neighbor, the white lady, stated he lived around there, they accepted her word as gospel, and they did not take the pastor who is preaching the gospel at all. 

A complaint needs to be filed to avoid such events from occurring and to set a message in front of police enforcement that they cannot threaten, harass, or misuse their authority, the attorney stated.

These instances put law enforcement and the country on alert that these sorts of confrontations – thank God Pastor Jennings had a cool head, Daniels said.

He didn’t become hostile or defensive in any way, and when the cops took him, he consented.

It reflects racial profiling and law enforcement officials frightening someone who knows and recognizes their rights.

After seeing the video on social media, one user joked, ‘If somebody wants to maliciously water my plants, I’d welcome it!’

The complaint was not filed against the Childersburg Police Department. 

Childersburg Police Chief Rick McClelland said that an investigation will be performed.

Meanwhile, Bethaney Embry Jones, Jennings’ second attorney, believes McClelland may believe dismissing the allegations will end the matter. Jones stated that this was a crime, not an error. Hoping the Childersburg Police Department understands the distinction

Video: Police arrest a black pastor for watering neighbor's flowers

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