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Bo Derek Stole 30-Years-Older Man at 16 from Actress She ‘Worshipped’ — They Were Married for 22 Years

Hollywood star and model Bo Derek has been in the film industry for several years. Bo’s career rises steeply in 1979, subsequent to her presence in “10”, a romantic comedy.

While she became famous in 1979, Bo had by now been in the film industry. She was cast in “Fantasies” at 16, directed by John Derek. John would ultimately turn out to be Bo’s first husband. She remembered how the audition for the film character made her meet John. Bo got a call from her manager that she had an audition for a character in some days. She then told her mother that John Derek is going to take her audition.

Bo’s mother was thrilled about how good-looking John was. Bo would confirm her mom’s words a few days later when she met John for the first time.

John told Bo about his wish to cast her in “Fantasies” on the condition that she would leave school and travel to Greece to film the movie.

Bo said yes to John’s conditions without reluctance and they flew to the stunning isle of Mykonos in Greece. When they met initially, John was married to actress Linda Evans and he was also 30 years senior to Bo. But neither the age difference or John’s matrimonial position stop Bo from falling in love with him.

Bo said that their love affair bloomed in Mykonos and her and John’s love was incredible. She said that their romance grew swiftly and they were ready to reveal their affair to public.

Sadly, John and Evans separated and John came even more closer to Bo. John and Bo continued in Europe as they could not come back to the US due to the legal regulations. As per the law, their association was unlawful since Bo was a minor and John could face sexual assault charges.

The couple was reluctant to take risks, so Bo quit her high school and stayed with John in Europe. When Bo turned 18, they came back to California and finally married in 1976 and lived with John until his death.

Several years after John’s demise, Bo still survives with the blame of ruining Evans’ marriage. In an interview, she revealed that taking away somebody’s partner was the nastiest thing to do and she said that she does not pardon herself for that.

Bo’s act made her sense even more embarrassed, especially as Evans, who Bo adored and venerated, was nice to her.

Evans, on the other hand, unexpectedly exposed that her separation from John helped her significantly. Evans said that initially it was the toughest and one of the most disturbing experiences she had gone through, but afterwards it turns out to be a silver lining for her.

While Bo is trying to move on, she will continually live with the responsibility of ruining a beautiful matrimonial.

Subsequent to the hullabaloos surrounding Bo’s 22-year foremost nuptial, she at no time anticipated to find love another time. But things changed and she is happily wedded to Hollywood star John Corbett.

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