Bodies of the 2 teens missing after going swimming have been pulled from river after 5-day search.

According to sources, the remains of two adolescents who went missing in the Farmington River in Avon, Connecticut last week have been discovered following a massive search.

The remains of Lucas Brewer, 15, and Anthony Nagore, 17, have been found, according to an aunt of one of the lads. Last Thursday, July 15, the couple went missing, and officials quickly discovered their clothing and cell phones on the river bank.

Rising water levels have hampered search and rescue attempts since then, and the operation was momentarily halted at one point to allow those levels to settle.

They got a lot of water from last night’s storms in Massachusetts that is still pouring down, says DEEP EnCon police Captain Keith Williams.

At that level, it may be a dangerous position with spill-over down the road, therefore they have to release water from the reservoirs.

However, sources now reveal that the remains of Lucas and Anthony have been discovered; the reason and manner of death are being determined by the State Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

The youngsters were retrieved from the river approximately a mile and a half from where they were last seen, according to police. Authorities had told them not to go swimming on Thursday.

He also advised the general population not to enter the water.

Just stay out of the water for the time being; it’s not worth the danger, Williams said.

What a heartbreaking story, and what a senseless loss of life.

My heart goes out to these two boys’ families during what must be a really heartbreaking moment.

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