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Bonnie Raitt postpones multiple appearances due to unspecified ‘medical situation that requires surgery’

Bonnie Raitt has had to cancel numerous gigs due to an unnamed “medical situation” that necessitates surgery.

On Friday, the 73-year-old Grammy winner announced the news on Instagram.

Bonnie has a medical condition that necessitates surgery. The doctors say that in order for her to recover effectively, she should refrain from performing for a couple of weeks, according to the statement. Unluckily, this overlaps the five tour dates in May, and they are very sorry to have to cancel their performance at [Brandi Carlile’s Mothership Weekend] on May 14th and postpone their shows in Athens, Louisville, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh.

It’s always heartbreaking to have to disappoint her fans, band, crew, and the promoters, but sometimes unexpected things just occur, the statement said. Fortunately, Bonnie is in good care. She was looking forward to these gigs, but they’re thrilled to be able to restart their 2023 tour, which will now begin on June 1st in Dublin, Ireland.

They value ones well wishes and understanding, as well as appreciate one understanding her request for privacy during this healing period.

Raitt’s tour will begin on June 1 in Dublin and will continue throughout the United Kingdom before returning to the United States on June 24 in Chautauqua, New York.

Both fans and celebrities wished Raitt well in the comments section.

“Get well soon Bonnie! We all absolutely ADORE you. Everyone is glad that you’re taking care of yourself and not pushing it,” Brandi Carlile wrote.

Who cares about the cancelled concerts? The priority is health. I wish you a speedy recovery! “We love you, Bonnie!” said one admirer.

Bonnie Raitt is in desperate need of our prayers. Please join me in praying for the great singer’s health and recovery.

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