Boss Reaction When The Employee Asked For A Leave As His Pregnant Wife Was Critical.

Sometimes, you just never know how your co-workers are going to react when a serious situation comes up in your life. And sometimes you find out.

David Printz and his wife were so excited about becoming parents. But before she could give birth, his wife developed gestational hypertension, causing her blood pressure to soar. Then, she had to be admitted to the hospital six weeks before her due date because of high blood pressure readings. She was then diagnosed with preeclamsia, which can be very serious, even fatal. So naturally everyone was concerned. And David was completely stessed out about it, as any husband and father-to-be would be. And aside from that, he didn’t have any paid time off left.

The doctors decided to induce labor early, so their baby boy Duke was born on July 20, and because he was premature, he had to stay at the hospital for a week.

David phoned his boss and asked for a little time off because he just had to take care of his family. But he didn’t have to ask twice. His boss, along with the company’s human resources representative, jumped into action, knowing that David did not have any paid time off left. They told all the co-workers about it through emails, and many of those co-workers donated their own paid time off so David could relax and spend that much-needed time with his wife and newborn. David ended up with more than enough to take some good time off and even pay a couple of worrisome bills.

Says David: “It goes to show when someone is in need people will do the right thing, that’s humanity at its finest. I believe when people do the right thing out of the kindness of their hearts, they deserve to be acknowledged for it, so here I am shouting from the rooftop how eternally grateful I am to work with such selfless people. The world needs to know what was done for my family and I, we are beyond blessed.”

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