Boy, 16, who wore bright red skirt and sequined tuxedo jacket to prom goes viral

A youngster provoked controversy on Twitter after disclosing he donned a bright red skirt and glitter tuxedo jacket to his prom.

Korben, 16, became popular on the social media network over the weekend when his mom, Nina Green, posted images of his gorgeous attire to express her support.

The student walked out in the billowing ballgown skirt and glittering jacket to loud applause from his peers and staff members at Archbishop Sancroft High School in Harleston, Norfolk.

Nina described her photos that at the age of 12, her son stated that he wanted to attend his school prom in a gown. They made it happen four years later.

She is very proud of him for being honest to himself, and the response he received from his entire school was fantastic.

She also tagged RuPaul’s Drag Race judge Michelle Visage, who responded, ‘Ohhhhhhhh absolutely! You are an incredible, gorgeous mother, and your child is a STAR.’

Several quickly agreed with Michelle and praised Korben’s eye-catching attire.

‘He looks magnificent, his outfit is wonderful, and I adore his crown,’ one Twitter user said. I hope he had a fantastic prom.’

‘I must say that your son looks incredibly lovely in that crimson gown and crown of glory,’ observed another. One of the most beautiful prom dresses I’ve ever seen.’

‘Happiness. That is what life is supposed to be about. Being content. Making dreams come true. Being true to oneself is the finest way to live. ‘These are happy photographs,’ said a third.

The message was reposted over 3,000 times, including by a slew of prominent names, and liked by 119,400 people on social media.

Mrs Green later tweeted about the response she got, stating that it was simply amazing. She never anticipated to get the reaction she did when she uploaded photographs of her son being honest to himself.

The outpouring of love and support has completely washed out the few bad comments, which they ignore.’ It’s his life, and she is going to let him live it.

She explained, as soon as he came out of the car, everybody just applauded, and she was sobbing, and some of the instructors were crying, as he was.

The next day, while visiting Pride in London, an admirer approached the 16-year-old and said, “Are you the boy in the red dress?” ‘I believe you’re fantastic.’

Mrs. Green remembered how her son had always preferred to wear gowns. He has been performing as ‘sassy’ drag queen Miss Frou Frou since he was a teenager.

Mrs. Green added that he wished to go as himself, while showing his feminine side – with a tuxedo on top and a frock at the bottom, very much influenced by [American actor] Billy Porter. He intended to be Korben… but in a dress.

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