Boy, 5, Dies after Being Swept Away in Floodwaters on the Way Home from a Family Holiday

Many mothers and fathers will go to any length to safeguard their cherished children and cannot imagine life without them. When calamity struck, two parents were unable to save their entire family.

What began as a delightful day at Dubbo Zoo in New South Wales, Australia, rapidly turned into a nightmare.

Joseph El Jer and Pam Hadchity were excited to make new memories with their three children. Baby Bachir, Valentina, three, and Jayden, five, were all over the place.

As they drove to their property in Tullamore, family films displayed their pleasure. On September 23, 2022, video caught their joyous squeals as they traveled through a zoo.

The kids had a great day at Dubbo Zoo and liked gazing at the animals. The group was tight-knit, and a brief trip through parent Pam’s social media picture collections confirmed her devotion to her children.

Pam was overjoyed since the adoring parents constantly blogged about their adorable children. 

The dad also raved about his son, who loved dinosaurs and vehicles. He revealed: He transformed his dad into a parent, something the dad had only imagined. He and his siblings have completed him.

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Pam showed a video of their previous adventures and pleasure, and it was clear that the children were having a great time. The Australian family had no idea what was going to happen next.

Unfortunately, as the family attempted to return to Sydney following their visit to the zoo, extreme weather in the region triggered terrible floods, with sad consequences.

When Joseph’s father recognized his family was in jeopardy, it was too late. Their Toyota Hilux couldn’t keep up with the rising water and went swamped, trapping all five family members within.

The parents battled hard and probably used every ounce of their being to save their children. Pam and Joseph clung to trees, clutching two of their children, Bachir and Valentina.

They were able to flee the sinking ship, but Jayden had a different story. The youngster was stuck inside and unable to escape the waterlogged vehicle.

The parents were concerned as they waited for rescue personnel, astonished that their ideal family vacation had turned into one of their most terrifying moments.

The couple’s eldest kid did not survive the experience, and a tragic film documented his remaining family members’ traumatic rescue.

They had lived every parent and sibling’s worst fear and had spent the night in Dubbo following the tragedy. They were in disbelief and had difficulty coming to grips with the situation. Chief Inspector David Maher of the NSW Police revealed they were in great distress.

Without their beloved kid, the family would leave the neighborhood. The joyous squeals heard just hours before had vanished, overtaken by emotions of sadness and grief.

The family was admitted to Dubbo Hospital, but everyone was said to be well. Adriana Stevenson, a neighbor, stated, it’s incredibly sad; things like this don’t occur out here, and everybody is heartbroken for the family.

Jayden will be recalled as a compassionate big brother, a loving son, and a bright, cheerful youngster.  His loved ones will remember the joyful memories they created and never forget him.

Tony Hughes, Jayden’s kindergarten principal, shared that the terrible death of their friend and classmate, Jayden, will have a profound impact on the entire community. Jayden joined their caring community in early 2022. This is a difficult period for all.

Hughes also stated that “extra therapy” will be made available to anybody who required it while dealing with the sudden loss.

The principal ended his message with these passionate words that Lord, grant him eternal rest, and may forever light shine upon him. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

Dear Parents and Carers I am writing to share some very sad news with you. Over the weekend, one of our Kindergarten…

Posted by Christ the King Primary School on Sunday, 25 September 2022

The bereaved family is in desperate need of prayers and help. Coping from such a traumatic experience is never simple, but maybe they will find reassurance in the fact that their son is now an angel watching over them.

Rest in peace courageous little angel.

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