Boy Almost Dies & Comes Back To Life, Says Jesus Gave Him This Message For The World

A child was resuscitated following a vehicle accident and claimed to have encountered Jesus while in a coma, giving a shocking lesson in the way.

Julie and Andy Kemp were driving home from church with their son, Landon, when their car was hit by an ambulance. Andy was murdered instantly, and his kid was taken to a hospital in North Carolina in severe condition.

She looked around but couldn’t see what he was ranting at. She didn’t see the ambulance approaching them, but all she remembered was him shouting. That was the last word she heard from him, Julie stated.

Doctors had to revive the youngster many times to keep him alive, but he finally awoke from a two-week coma with no brain damage. Julie stated that when he eventually awoke, she had a chat with her kid regarding his dad.

Do you know where his father is? she inquired.

Yes, he knows exactly where he is. He saw him in the sky, Landon responded. He simply wants individuals to comprehend that Jesus is real, that there is a heaven, and that angels exist. And if one follows his teachings and the Bible, life will become better in the end.

Many people indicated they trusted the boy’s account of meeting Jesus and valued the word he conveyed.

“I have no doubt about his experience! I have been with dying family members and had similar experiences,” one All That’s News reader responded on the site’s Facebook page.

“I didn’t make it to paradise, but I did go with four angels to a hand stretching down in a ray of pure light.” It was very serene. “It truly is true that the tribe’s peace is beyond all comprehension,” remarked another.

“I know where paradise is!!” My hubby is there, and I will see him again! “I praise Jesus for his kindness and mercy,” said another.

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