Boy Asked For A New Heart For His Ailing Mother From Santa.

Last year, in Houston, 12-year-old Arnulfo Guerra wrote a letter to Santa, telling the jolly old elf that he didn’t want any toys. He only asked Santa to bring a new, healthy heart to his 46-year-old mom, because she was dying.

He wrote: “I believe in you and the miracles.”

A social worker took his letter to some local firefighters, who were very touched by his letter to Santa. So they decided to visit Arnulfo with some gifts.

He was thrilled to get the gifts from the thoughtful firefighters, but said his biggest concern was still his mom, and that he and his dad pray all day for her to receive a new heart.

He said, “We need her for many more years.”

It’s not known if Arnulfo’s mom received her new heart, but we’re sure hoping she did. 

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