Boy Didn’t Ask For Gifts Instead Asked To Save His Mom From Dying.

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“A couple months ago I came outside and found a homeless woman named Ann on my stoop next to where I park my Vespa. We talked for a bit and I told her that there is a child with special needs in the building and I would appreciate it if she didn’t hang out there. She totally understood. Whenever I’d see her on my neighbor’s stoop she says hi. A few nights later when she was asleep on my neighbor’s stoop she caught a guy trying to steal my Vespa. She chased the dude off and called the cops.

Ann is a single mother who lost her home to medical debt. Her son has been in foster care while she sleeps on the street so that she can finish her treatment.

So I was surprised last week when she told me they were getting off the streets and into a new apartment. I asked her what I could get her for her unfurnished apartment. She said, “Nothing for me, I just wish I could give my son a real Christmas.” I didn’t know what to do so I told her, “Have your son write a letter to Santa. I’ll make sure he gets it.”

I won’t be able to see my family this Christmas and I was sad about it. But thinking about this gave me something to smile about. I knew that whatever I got for my family could go well or not. But that if I got the kid anything it would be better than what I knew he’d get (nothing).

He wrote: “Dear santa if u can save mommy and don’t let her die I don’t want any gifts. That’s what I want most. After that I want clothing and food for me and mamma. A scooter, tv, video games for learning, hatchimal, gloves scarf and hat set and mommy to get off her meds and never have to feel sick or sad again.”

How could I not get a scooter for the guy whose mom saved mine from getting stolen?

Merry Christmas, Anthony. You’ll be able to start the New Year with your mom and help her get better. Santa is furnishing your new apartment. I hope you like Star Wars sheets and don’t mind eating mac and cheese a couple nights a week. Thanks for being tough for your mamma. Tough guys ride tough bikes.”

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