Boy Finally Got The Bully Father Arrested For Doing This.

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I was a bit on the heavy side back then. And by bit, I mean I was the biggest guy in size in school. So got bullied a lot. Mostly verbal. The few times it got physical, I didn’t retaliate. So almost everyone knew how much of a softy I am. Which made me a prime target for the whole school. Also the school was an all exclusive boys school.

On to the story. I was called a lot of names back then. Chubby, fatty, big lorry. Anything big in size gets associated with my name. There’s this one guy, who I’ve known since the first grade, let’s call him DB (Douchebag) , who has been relentlessly bullying me since the first time he laid eyes on me.

I am kind of a nerd. Just love computers and anything related to technology. Which DB didn’t like. Because his IQ is mostly a double digit and he had trouble figuring things out. So at the start of 8th grade, we could take an extra class that taught us current technology and stuff. DB stayed at the back of the class and got in a lot of trouble with the teacher because of he was disruptive. The technology department is located on the first floor of the school. This will be important later.

I had already complained a lot to the school administration about the bullying and even had my parents involved during the 4th grade. He only got a slap on the wrist. Because his father was a friend of the School VP (Vice Principal). VP had filed numerous reports about DB but had never taken any action. Oh and the time my parents got involved, he said “boys will be boys. They’re just having fun. They’ll grow up and look back to those moments and have a laugh. Who knows. Your kid might even lose weight just to impress them”. My parents were helpless in this situation.

So at the start of 8th grade, the bullying started. And this time it was mostly physical. Punching me on the arm. Slapping the back my head. My father had always taught me to turn the other cheek and always to respect others. Even if they do something wrong to you.

Exactly one month after the start of the school year, I went home with a black eye and finger nail scratches on my face. My father couldn’t bear it anymore. That was the day my father gave the best advice that he has given me. “Son. You have the size and strength to overcome many things. Next time anyone that even thinks of bullying you physically, f*ck him up bad. You’ll never have any trouble with anyone if you stand up and fight back against them.” I had been bottling up everything up till that day. My father’s words unleashed that rage beautifully.

I went back to school the next day and I was fuming. 8 years of pent up rage ready to f*cking demolish DB. My first class for that day was technology class. The teacher still hadn’t come to class so we were all just waiting outside. DB saw me and started going on and on about my size. I didn’t say anything. The moment he punched on my arm was the breaking point. I simply grabbed onto his shoulders and said the words I was waiting to say all day long. “This is for all the years of you punching and calling me names.”

I f**king threw him over the railing. From the first floor. He landed on the ground with a sickening thud onto the ground. What followed was the most girlish scream I have ever heard. The rest of the class had to pick up their jaws from the floor. VP came running to his aid looked up. He saw me smiling with the biggest grin I have ever had during the 8 years I spent in that hell.

Parents were called and what followed was a shit show. DB’s father tried to punch me in the office in front of everyone (Principal, Vice Principal, 4 head teachers of the school and the president of the school board who just happened to be on a visit to the school). My father got in front of him laid a nice uppercut which dislocated his jaw.

Police was called and he was arrested for trying to assault a minor. VP was fired because he had never taken any action against DB’s action even though he knew the whole story. DB had a broken shoulder and broken knee cap which stopped him from playing soccer. Which he loved.

After the whole fiasco was sorted out, my father gave me some new advice. “Just punch their lights out. Don’t throw them from balconies”. I never had anymore troubles with bullies. They were scared of me. My next goal was to protect the other kids who were getting bullied. If I saw anyone bullying anybody, I would stand next to the kid and ask what’s the problem. They would always apologize and leave.

I could proudly say that I solved the bullying problem in our school barehanded.

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