Boy Inherits House Made His Mom’s BF And Kid Move To A Homeless Shelter.

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My(19M) parents divorced when I was 6. My mom got a boyfriend(Josh) and they started living together when I was 9. He had twin daughters, who were 4 when they moved in. Their mother was not in their lives anymore. My mom took them in as their own. I admit that I was a little jealous because they had her full time and me only 50% of the time. I think my mom loved them more too.

I was a quiet kid and spent most of my time in my room when my mom had me. I didn’t want any siblings. My mom tried but to no avail. By the time I was 16, I rarely spent time at my mom’s place. And when I went to college I got an apartment, even though my mom lived in the same city as my college.

Mom tragically passed in December. Because Josh and her never got married for some reason, I inherited everything, including her house. I allowed Josh and the kids to still live there. I paid half the bills as he is struggling because of low paying job.

My lease ends in December and I decided to move into my house after. I sat down with Josh and told him I was moving in January. Since this is my house I will take the bedroom and he will move to my old room. He started crying how the bedroom is his safe space and all my mom’s things are there which gives him peace. I told him he can move a few of her things to my old room (my room is 1/3 of the bedroom). He started crying even more that he doesn’t want to abandon their bedroom. I was pretty pissed at that moment, so I told him to just get out of the house as I don’t have energy to deal with this sh*t. I have since cooled down. But 3 days later he sent me a message to notify me where he left the keys and that they moved out. I found out they went to a homeless shelter.

I got messages from my mom’s side of the family how I am heartless and cruel to kick them out. How the twins lost mom and home in less than a year. Twins texted me how they couldn’t believe their own brother made them homeless and asked me what they did wrong. My dad and his family told me I did nothing wrong. I do feel bad for them, but I still think I decide who gets what room in my house. Am I heartless?

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