Boy Saves His Grandfather Using Skills That He Learned Playing Grand Theft Auto.

Video games are not typically known for providing real-life heroic measures, and many young people who play them a lot are not typically known for doing more in life… than playing those video games. But the game Grand Theft Auto proved very valuable for 11-year-old Charley Cullen and his 79-year-old grandpa Finn.

Finn had picked up Charley from the youngster’s drama class in Slane, Ireland, when, a short distance away from his home, Finn blacked out at the wheel, with his foot still heavy on the accelerator.

Charley took the wheel with one hand and tried to rouse his grandfather with the other, relying on what he had observed while playing the Grand Theft Auto video game. He was able to steer the car away from the busy road and sideswiped a wall before the car turned over and came to a stop.

The young boy quickly jumped out of the wrecked car and dragged his grandfather away from it. Finn started coming to and Charley practically carried him to their house, about 50 yards away. Both had some bumps and bruises, but were fine.

Because of Charley’s heroic deed, Charley, Finn and the rest of the family were invited by Ireland’s soccer team to attend any upcoming game.

Score one for Charley for taking care of his grandfather… and Grand Theft Auto for giving him the courage to do what he did. 

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