Boy Severely Injured While Fighting Off Mother’s Rapist, She Abandons Him At Hospital.

Vanya Krapivina, 16, of Severodvinsk, Russia, returned home from school to face a nightmare sight in his flat. Natalia Krapivina, his mom, was splattered with blood after being stabbed 27 times, as a mysterious guy straddled her lifeless body in an attempted rape.

Vanya grabbed the first weapon he could find, a 6.6-lb dumbbell, willingly risking his life to prevent Roman Pronin, 37, from raping his mother. Despite Vanya’s bravery in striking the intruder with the weight, Pronin immediately wrenched it from her grasp and started mercilessly bludgeoning the youngster in the head with it.

Fortunately, neighbors heard the disturbance and contacted the cops. Despite fleeing before officers arrived, assuming both of his victims were dead, Pronin was subsequently captured for his horrible acts. Natalia and Vanya were covered in blood on the floor until paramedics came and examined the severity of their wounds.

Natalia healed from her stab wounds, but her kid did not. Vanya’s skull was caved in by the dumbbell, causing catastrophic and irreparable brain damage. Surgeons were able to preserve Vanya’s life, although they had to remove some of his brain and virtually all of his frontal bone.

Vanya’s loyalty was not reciprocated regardless of the fact that he had sacrificed himself to save his loving mother. Natalia abandoned Vanya in the hospital as he regained consciousness, rather than remaining steadfastly at his bedside.

Natalia supposedly could not bring herself to meet him since she blamed herself for the attack, leaving her savior-son Vanya in the hospital to battle for his life alone. Natalia rapidly became the target of derision after only a few visits to her son. When she was given the chance to solicit donations on television, she merely pleaded for a second chance.

Vanya made tremendous progress in his rehabilitation despite his mom’s absence. Shortly, the teen recognized his nurse and started eating oatmeal and pureed meals. He was finally sent to a rehabilitation hospital in Moscow because physicians anticipated he would develop further.

Unfortunately, all of his hard work and effort were in vain. Vanya had influenza only 19 months after the attack. His health deteriorated after receiving special therapy in the intensive care unit. He died as a result of complications from his sickness, and his funeral was widely reported.

Pronin was first found guilty of two charges of attempted murder and sentenced to 14 years in jail. Nevertheless, after Vanya died, prosecutors brought a second murder accusation against the assailant, blaming him of leading to his death. He is presently awaiting trial on the new charge.

Despite his selflessness and great bravery, Vanya died almost alone, abandoned by his mom due to her own guilt. All we have left to memorialize him is his narrative of extraordinary nobility and sacrifice.

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