Boy Teaches His Roommates The Perfect Lesson When They Refuse To Wash Dishes For Days.

Source: Reddit

This happened my freshman year in college. We were four to a dorm, with a shared kitchen. I bought a brand new set of dishes – service for eight! Eight plates, eight bowls, and eight mugs. And I bought a flatware set! Eight big spoons! Eight little spoons! Eight forks! Eight butter knives!

I told my roommates they could feel free to use my dishes because I had such a large set, as long as they washed what they used when they used it.

So simple! They agreed!

About two months in, I had HAD IT. EVERY goddamn time I’d go to the kitchen to eat, every single plate, bowl, mug, fork, knife, and spoon would be sitting in the sink. Dirty.

I asked – a few times – that they take care of the dishes they used.

Wait, did I say dirty?

Oh, no.

Not just dirty.

They wouldn’t even bother to scrape or rinse them. They had food caked and dried on, so that regular washing couldn’t get rid of it. They’d have to sit in hot soapy water for hours, THEN be scrubbed.

So I soaked and scrubbed and dried them.

And then I packed every last one up and brought them back to my parents’ house.

Didn’t even warn them I was doing it, either. Just took them all home. I bought myself plastic flatware and paper plates and kept them hidden in my room.

Refuse to wash the dishes I bought and allowed you all to use? Fine. No f**king dishes for you.

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